10 Special Occasions to Gift a Custom Made iPhone Case

March 25, 2018

<body><!-- Created with Shogun. --> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="" /> <div class="shogun-root"> <div id="s-7382b54c-89d4-40f0-9775-22a52d415c84" class="shg-c shg-align-center"> <div class="shogun-image-container"><img src="" width="" height="" alt="Custom Phone Case Gift" class="shogun-image img-responsive " /> <div class="shogun-image-overlay shogun-lightbox-item shg-bottom-center" style=""></div> </div> <style type="text/css"></style></div> <div id="s-bb7c4ee1-d429-406e-a18f-323270fb85e1" class="shg-c "> <h3>10 Special Occasions to Gift a Custom Made iPhone Case</h3> <h6>Whether it's a BFF's birthday or the birth of a grandchild, giving a custom made iPhone case is always a great idea! Check out 10 special occasions for giving!</h6> <h4>Keyword(s): custom made iPhone case</h4> <p></p> <p>The <a href="">act of giving</a> a gift is something that benefits both the recipient and the giver.</p> <p>It makes both participants happy and lets you show exactly how much you care. It's a warming experience that we are lucky enough to enjoy several times throughout the years.</p> <p>When it comes a gift that is both trendy and functional, nothing beats a custom made iPhone case. It is a gift that is useful for everyday use that looks great. And its unique custom design lets you choose the perfect aesthetic that the recipient is certain to love.</p> <p>Now that you know a great gift to give, let's look at some of the special occasions where you can give it to a person you care about.</p> <h2>1. Birthday Celebrations</h2> <p>Have you given out enough <a href="">gift cards</a> for birthdays? Time to do something new!</p> <p>Almost everyone has an iPhone these days. This is why a custom made iPhone case is the one gift that will never be poorly received.</p> <p>And what better way to celebrate a birthday than with a new case that has been made special for that birthday boy or girl?</p> <p>It could be that your recipient is a young teen girl excited to get her new case cover in rainbow flowers. Or they're your favorite grandfather who still sometimes needs help figuring out how to turn the volume down.</p> <p>Whoever they are, they're bound to get a lot of different gifts on their special day. But we can guarantee no one else will give them such a personalized and unique one.</p> <h2>2. Valentine's Day</h2> <p>It's a day of love and appreciation. The traditional gifts may be chocolates and flowers, but who's to say that a custom made iPhone case isn't the real answer?</p> <p>It will be a whole new way to say "I care about you". It'll show that you care enough to get a gift that is filled with unique personality. One that is made especially for them.</p> <p>And it will certainly last a long longer than a bouquet of flowers, too.</p> <h2>3. Mother's Day</h2> <p>Finding a new way to celebrate our beloved mothers can be difficult. It's possible she doesn't even want a new cooking pot.</p> <p>Get her something that will excite her. Something new and different. Something like a customized phone case.</p> <p>Instead of giving her flowers that will wilt in a few days, put those flowers on a phone case instead. Or put on a picture of you and your siblings on there.</p> <h2>4. Father's Day</h2> <p>You could get your father the same old mixed bag of tools that he's never going to use this year.</p> <p>Or you could get him something that he will use every day.</p> <p>If you wanted, you could choose out a phone case that says "#1 Dad" instead of yet another coffee mug. Or skip that overused Father's Day phrase and customize the phone case with something that he is interested in.</p> <h2>5. Graduation</h2> <p>Graduations are often a celebration of hard work. No matter the type of graduation, the person has worked for an extended period of time to reach this point.</p> <p>Reward that dedication with a unique gift. One that will continue to tell the person how proud you are of them, even after the graduation party is over.</p> <h2>6. Baby Showers</h2> <p>A baby shower is going to be full of gifts like soft blankets and diapers. You could choose to go the less traveled route and pick out a new custom made iPhone case for the mother-to-be.</p> <p>Or even pick one out for the baby. It will be a few years before the gift will be used, but at least the parents will be all set with a phone case to give their child when the time comes.</p> <h2>7. Winter Holidays</h2> <p>These winter holidays can be a bit overwhelming. So many <a href="">gift ideas</a> to come up with, so many people to think about. It can be especially hectic if you come from a large family.</p> <p>Why not make it easier for yourself and get everyone on your list a unique phone case. Sure, the function of the gift is the same, but the presentation will be individually selected for each recipient.</p> <p>This could make your winter holiday shopping less stressful. And you'll be confident that you're still giving great personalized gifts that they can use in their daily lives.</p> <h2>8. Anniversaries</h2> <p>Wedding anniversary. Dating anniversary. Friendship anniversary.</p> <p>These special occasions don't always mean gift-giving, but why not go the extra mile to show how much you care about the other person? You don't have to go too extravagant. A custom phone case can be an easy way to bring back old memories.</p> <p>Choose a picture from a recent adventure you shared. Or something that is an inside joke between the two of you.</p> <h2>9. Weddings</h2> <p>It can be difficult to find that particular brand of toaster that the bride and groom will like. So why not skip the toaster and go from something a little more exciting?</p> <p>You could give the bride and the groom customized phone cases with pictures of each other. Or cases with a picture of their first date. Something to bring back past memories to celebrate their future together.</p> <h2>10. Random Act of Love</h2> <p>Sometimes, there doesn't have to be an official occasion in order to share your love with someone.</p> <p>In fact, those random acts of love are often even more special because of their spontaneity.</p> <p>You could gift them a custom made iPhone case when their old one breaks. Or to cheer them up when they're sad. Or because it's a Monday.</p> <p>There are <a href="">a lot of reasons</a> to get a new phone case, and there's no limit to the number of gifts you can give a person. So embrace the gift-giving spirit and shower your loved ones with affection.</p> <h2>Surprise Your Loved Ones with a Custom Made iPhone Case</h2> <p>The next time one of these special occasions come around, you'll no longer have to worry about what kind of gift to get. You'll already have a great option that you can be certain will bring about a lot of smiles and appreciation.</p> <p>Your recipient will adore such a thoughtful gift, and you'll adore giving it away.</p> <p>And we're here to help you find that <a href="">perfect iPhone case</a> for your next gift-giving occasion!</p> </div> </div> <script type="text/javascript" src="" async=""></script></body>

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