Smartphone Manners for the Modern World

May 05, 2016

Anyone that's old enough to remember phones with cords likely remembers lessons in proper phone etiquette. From asking "may I say who's calling" to always being sure to take a detailed message, most of the phone manners of yesterday are now as obsolete as VHS tapes. 

Smartphones have opened up an entirely new set of manners and etiquette for phone use far beyond just how you should properly carry on a conversation. 

Here at, our position selling personalized phone cases for iPhones, Galaxy S7s, and more has given us a unique perspective on how people use their smartphones.

Below are the top 10 etiquette tips that we believe everyone, including us, could use a regular refresher on.

1) Your phone has vibrate and off settings for a reason. Use them! Don't be the person who's ring tone interrupts a movie theater full of people, or even an important conversation. Practice liberal use of that vibrate feature!

2) Don't swipe left OR right. When someone shows you a picture on their smartphone, just look at that picture. Don't scroll to the next picture unless you were explicitly told to do so. You never know what that next picture could be!

3) Think before you send. The immediacy of texting makes it easy to fire off your thoughts in a split second, which definitely is not always a good thing. But if you don't pause at least long enough to reread that text, you run the risk of offending, embarrassing yourself, or a whole host of other outcomes. Slow down that "send" trigger finger!

4) Don't text, selfie, or snap while driving. Never, ever, never! Duh. This one needs NO further explanation.

5) You don't need to yell. We've all experienced that person who thinks the louder they speak on their cell phone, the better the person they're speaking with will hear them. Don't be that person!

6) It's okay to put it down sometimes. You don't need to live with your phone in your hand. Make face-to-face and in-person time a priority. IRL conversations and people matter just as much as the ones on Facebook. 

7) Don't answer someone else's phone without explicit permission. The only ringing phone that you should answer is your own.

8) Keep an eye on the clock. This always-on, connected world has created a 24/7 atmosphere where people rarely think anything of sending a text when a thought enters their head, even if it's one o'clock in the morning. If you wouldn't knock on someone's door at the time you are planning to text, you should text then either.

9) Text when you should text, and call when you should call. There are times when a text is absolutely the way to go, but there are also times when a real, voice-to-voice phone is called for. Don't confuse the two.

10) Turn the volume down. Unless you have headphones on, keep the volume turned down, or on mute, when you're using your smartphone to play games, watch videos, or even chatting on a platform that has sound notifications. Trust us - no one wants to hear the Candy Crush music while sitting in a waiting room!

Bonus tip 11) Avoid awkward situations with a personalized smartphone case. Have you ever had someone mistakenly grab your phone, thinking it was theirs? Or vice versa? That can quickly escalate into a very embarrassing scenario for everyone involved. A personalized iPhone case or monogrammed Galaxy S7 phone case will make your phone stand, and there will be no mistaking it for someone else's. It the polite thing to do!

What other smartphone manners would you add to our list? 

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