13 Best Photo Gifts (Mugs, Pillows, Phone Cases, etc)

September 27, 2018

13 Best Photo Gifts (Mugs, Pillows, Phone Cases, etc)

13 Best Photo Gifts (Mugs, Pillows, Phone Cases, etc)

You want to give your loved one a personalized gift they're treasure forever. What about a customized present with a photo? Here we list 13 of the best photo gift ideas to get the inspiration flowing.

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Photo gifts are all the rage, and there's a reason for it.

One in three people  now prefer to seek out personalized products, and the same reasons apply to the things they look to receive as gifts.

Personalized gifts demonstrate thoughtfulness and effort, and they're unique, meaning that you can really wow your gift's recipient.

If you're thinking about the best photo gifts to give, here are 13 of the best to help you satisfy a friend or loved one.


A mug is a versatile and often unremarkable piece of drinkware, but we spend a lot of time with a mug or a cup of some kind in our hands day to day. Why not jazz things up for a loved one with a personalized mug?

A custom mug with a photo on is one of the great photo gift ideas that remain inexpensive, but also worthwhile, giving your loved one something they get to use on a daily basis.

Pillows or Cushions

Comfort doesn't have to be boring. Add a pillow or a cushion to your list of potential creative photo gift ideas for friends and family to enjoy.

The same reasons apply to both a pillow or a cushion. A picture of an event, a loved one or a memory could easily be displayed on a customized pillow or cushion to decorate a chair, sofa or bed.

Custom Phone Cases

Our smartphones need protection, but that doesn't mean you can't do it in style. Custom phone cases are both practical and fashionable ways to make a statement with a phone, making them a perfect addition to the list of gift ideas using photos you can consider.

Any photos you decide to add to your design gets printed to the back of your case, turning something simplistic and dull into something more special.

Want your own personalized case for your cell phone? Create your own   custom phone cases  with our customized case creation service.

Personalized Lockets

If you're looking for cool photo gifts that demonstrate your love, a personalized photo locket could be an option to consider.

We'd probably recommend buying this for a loved one, as it's an intimate piece of jewelry that can appeal to the special someone in your life. A romantic photo locket is a gift that they can treasure forever.

Printed Photo Albums

Photos are our frozen memories, so it makes sense to store them in a way you can enjoy them. A printed photo album book is a stylish way to do that, and it makes it the perfect gift to share.

Printed photo albums will usually use high-quality photo paper to give the highest definition photos the personal touch. You can personalize them even further with text captions, and a specialist cover photo on a hardback case.

Wine Labels

Anniversary or birthdays are the perfect opportunities to crack open a bottle of wine, but why not offer something a little special to the occasion?

Wine labels, specially printed, can turn a generic bottle of wine into something a little more personal. Use funny photos and in-jokes on these, as amusing works best for this particular creative gift idea.

Printed Canvas

Everyone has a printed photo in a frame. Go big instead with a printed canvas.

They're great as an addition to a feature wall, and they're generally printed with ink designed to prevent fading from sun damage.

Design a canvas for you or a special somebody today with our   custom canvas printing  service.


Personalized photo hand or tea towels offer the chance to add a bit of color to a bathroom or kitchen, but they're not the only towels you could design for a loved one.

Why not gift a   custom beach towel? Whether you go for cheesy or classy, a personalized beach towel can offer something a little different, and avoid any arguments about who owns it!

Wall Calendars

Calendars are a great gift to show off your photography skills. 12 months, 12 photos, and you can mix and match with loving shots, or go for silly and entertaining.

They're useful and long lasting additions for an office space or a kitchen, so if you're looking for a productive gift rather than simply sentimental, a wall calendar could be a good option.

Photo Art

Feeling a little creative? Why not inspire yourself with some creative photo gift ideas that turn basic photos into printed art pieces.

A good idea could be to turn some vacation snaps into a collage around the shape of a country or a city. The only limit is your imagination!

Here are   45 photo art ideas  to gain inspiration from for your own photo art creation.

Cosmetic Cases

For a makeup pro, a personalized cosmetic case is going to need to be hard-wearing, easily cleaned, and big enough for all their makeup essentials.

Oh, and it's going to need to be pretty snazzy on the photo front, too! You don't need to be a makeup pro yourself to appreciate the gift of helping a loved one organize their makeup collection in a case with a loving picture on it.

Failing that, something amusing will do. Make the right judgment call!

Jigsaw Puzzle

An unusual, potentially frustrating, but equally fun idea for you to create as a gift using photos could be a jigsaw puzzle.

Novelty gifts like this one are amusing, help to pass the time, and you can surprise your loved one with a secret message or proposal. Marriage bells, anyone?


Is your friend or loved one the studious type? Even a notepad can be personalized with a photo front cover or special photo pages to break things inside.

It helps to turn a very basic, boring and functional item into something more memorable.

Choose the Best Photo Gifts for Any Occasion

Generic presents are easily forgotten, but a personalized photo gift is something that a friend or loved one can treasure for a long time.

The best photo gifts come from the heart. Choose photos of treasured memories to create any range of gifts, from photo art to a custom phone case. Whatever you decide to create, your loved one will know it was created with your love and effort.

Need some help creating cool photo gifts?   Get in touch  and we'll do our best to help.

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