More Than a Case: Something Truly Special

August 18, 2015

At Put a Case on Me, we bring a product that people of all ages can relate to and use. We love customers, period. You’ve got colors that mean something to you, because they’re your favorite, or because they represent your Alma Mater, or favorite sports team. We will easily accommodate your desires. You have photos that are just too awesome to forget. We will immortalize them; they’ll make you happy for at least the lifetime of your phone. A lot of our clients give us multiple pictures, and we blend them in with special patterns and designs to create truly unique and personalized products for them.

We hold patterns very dear to us, carefully scouring the newest patterns on popular places like Pinterest and through our own research. Only the best patterns make the cut; having a bad pattern on a case is almost as much of a blunder as a misspelling in a tattoo. We won’t do that to you. What you see is what you get, and there are literally thousands of options. All of the zig-zags, mosaics, photo blends and floral prints you’ll ever need and more.

All of our bells and whistles will help complete your phone or tablet’s dream case. Many of our cases allow you to choose details down to the finish of the case. Several layout options are offered to bring you a truly personalized feel to the case. You get to decide on the text including size, color and font. You can even design a monogram or text banner if you desire. 

Name Your Brand

We don’t just deliver this product to iPhone or Android owners—we haven’t picked sides and don’t plan on it. We’ve got cases for iPhones all the way back to the iPhone 4. We also have a lot of Galaxy cases for the S6 and S6 Edge. We also have cases for many popular tablet varieties. Browse our selection for more information on what we offer.

Don’t just take our word for it, check out our Instagram at to see some real life examples of our cases. Try using our custom case design tool today and create the perfect case for your device. If you can dream it, you can case it! 

Help Me Decide

Extra Protective

Two-piece design that features rubber liner for shock protection. Outer shell is ultra durable premium plastic. Learn More - See Photo & Video

Clear Extra Protective

One-piece design that features rubber sides and hard plastic back. Case is clear allowing your phone colors to show. Learn More - See Photo & Video


Single piece design made out of durable premium plastic. Learn More - See Photo & Video

Wallet Folio

Protective and Stylish faux leather with room to hold cash, ID and credit cards. Includes clear protective case insert. VIDEO COMING SOON