Here’s What You’ll Want on Your Case

September 11, 2015

Are you looking at our template wizard and at a loss for ideas? It’s easy to get stumped when there’s a nearly endless selection of variations and styles for your smartphone. We wanted a nice, diverse selection to help everyone get a truly customized product for themselves, but we understand. Take it from us, the experts on custom cases. These are the things you’re going to want on your smartphone case, to really set yourself apart from everyone else owning smartphones in America these days, which is a lot.

Popular, Colorful and Unique Patterns –Our team picks out unique patterns from Pinterest and many other groups that feature the newest patterns and designs. We have patterns to accommodate the unique tastes of any client. You don’t have to limit yourself to the boring patterns of stock cell phone cases. Our cases are just as strong and reliable, and are easy to use. 

Pictures of your Loved Ones –You can immortalize your cherished memories by putting photos on your customizable phone case. You don’t have to be limited to a single photograph—we provide a system where you can provide several different photographs and add some spice to your phone.

Pictures of your Pets --If you’re all about your pet, put a few pictures of your pet on your phone case. We can even find patterns to match the color of your pet so that the case has a theme special to you.

Sports Teams –We don’t sell cases specific to any sports teams. However, with the sheer amount of colors and options on our cases, you can add your own images and colors and create a team-themed protective case.

Schools/Universities –You can share the colors of your alma mater on a customized protective case. Are you proud of your fraternity/sorority as well? Attach some related images to it and we’ll create the best case you’ve ever seen. The possibilities are endless, as long as you have the images and colors you want in mind.

Branding –If you own a business or a brand, you’re always looking for a way to strengthen your brand and spread awareness. Our cases can be filled with images related to your brand and given a custom color scheme to add to whatever you’ve decided will represent your organization.

Music –These cases can be fitted with images and other symbols of your choice. They can represent your favorite band, or bands. Don’t hesitate to try and show us something we haven’t seen before. We love to see new ideas.

There are so many possibilities. These just scratch the surface. Please e-mail us today with any questions and concerns. We’re also available to help you discover the possibilities in our case builder app.


Help Me Decide

Extra Protective

Two-piece design that features rubber liner for shock protection. Outer shell is ultra durable premium plastic. Learn More - See Photo & Video

Clear Extra Protective

One-piece design that features rubber sides and hard plastic back. Case is clear allowing your phone colors to show. Learn More - See Photo & Video


Single piece design made out of durable premium plastic. Learn More - See Photo & Video

Wallet Folio

Protective and Stylish faux leather with room to hold cash, ID and credit cards. Includes clear protective case insert. VIDEO COMING SOON