February 06, 2019

6 Best Personalized Valentine's Day Gifts

Are you on the hunt for the perfect Valentine's Day gift? Read on to learn about seven awesome personalized gifts.

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Do you know what you're getting your partner this Valentine's Day?

After the craziness of the holiday season, February 14th always sneaks up fast. It's easy to lose track of time and end up procrastinating on finding the perfect gift. 

But, if you put off looking, you'll end up picking up a generic teddy bear at the drug store on the way home from work. 

Nothing is less romantic than an impersonal gift. This year, get your partner something that's customized just for them. 

There are so many options for personalized gifts on the internet. Monogrammed towels,   phone cases, mugs, and more!

These are things any partner would love. Plus, it shows that you put thought, time, and effort into creating it. 

Need some inspiration to get you started on your hunt for the perfect present? Then read on the learn about 6 of the best personalized Valentine's Day gifts. 

1. Blanket

Keep your loved one cozy on a chilly February night with a customized blanket. There are all sorts of fun ways you can personalize a throw.

You can monogram it with her initials so the rest of the family knows it's mom's special blanket. Another idea is to have it printed with a beautiful wedding photo of the two of you. It can be draped over the couch so it functions as decor. 

A personalized blanket is the perfect gift to give someone you're in a long distance relationship with. Put a sweet picture of the two of you on it from one of your favorite memories. Whenever your   partner is missing you, they can wrap themselves up in their treasured blanket and give you a call. 

2. Phone Case 

These days, everyone seems to be attached to their cell phones. 

In some ways, it helps keep partners connected. In other ways, it creates distance. In fact, research shows that   55% of couples fight  with their partner over phone and computer usage. 

Don't argue with your partner for texting during your Valentine's Day date. Instead, make them think of you every time they look down at their cell with a customized phone case. 

There are a couple things you should look for when shopping for a personalized phone case. For one, it needs to be durable. Lots of cases you can customize online are flimsy. 

Even if your partner loves the case, they'll be hesitant to use it if they don't feel it will protect their phone. Unlike the other gifts on this list, a phone case needs to be both cute and practical. 

Customizable phone cases should also have a money back guarantee. A phone case is something they'll use every day. If they don't like the design they shouldn't have to use it, but you shouldn't lose the money you spent, either.  

3. Drink Tumbler 

Anyone can use a personalized drink tumbler. But, it's the perfect gift for a partner who works or likes to play outdoors. 

Is your girlfriend up early every winter weekend so she can hit the slopes with her snowboard? It'll be like you're sitting there next to her on the ski lift while she sips her hot chocolate. 

You can customize a drink tumbler with a photo of the two of you together looking cozy during a snow storm. Or, you can customize it with something completely different. 

Does your husband own his own construction company? Customize his tumbler with his business's logo. Every time he drinks his morning coffee, he'll warm right up when he thinks of you. 

4. Photo Mug

When you were a kid, you probably got your parent a "World's Best Dad" mug. Those are cute, but now that you're an adult your taste in gifts should mature too. 

A photo mug is fun but more personal than something anyone could get at a greeting card store. You can also customize your mug with an inside joke the two of you share. 

When shopping for a mug, look for something that will stand the test of time. It should be dishwasher and microwave safe. You don't want the picture or finish to crack and chip after a few uses. 

5. Canvas Print

Sure, you could give your partner a picture of the two of you framed. But, having a picture printed on canvas turns your memories into a work of art. 

Another bonus is that a canvas print tends to be lighter and easier to hang than a framed photo. Plus, you can easily get them printed on all different sized canvas.

One thing to keep in mind when getting a customized canvas print is choosing the right photo.

You might want to blow up the picture to fit a 32 inch by 32 inch canvas. That means you need a good quality photo that's big enough to accommodate the size. The last thing you want is for the print to come out blurry. 

6. Beach Towel 

A customized beach towel is an unexpected gift you can give your partner on Valentine's Day. Remember the fun beach towels you had as a kid? They had wacky patterns or pictures of your favorite cartoon character?

Well, don't be afraid to have some fun with this gift too!

You could customize the towel with a picture of the two of you. But, another idea is to add a picture of their favorite movie character or reality TV show personality. If your partner has a sense of humor, you can get silly and do something extra personal.

Your Partner Will Love These Valentine's Day Gifts

The most romantic holiday of the year is coming up fast. Order one of these fabulous personalized Valentine's Day gifts now so they're delivered in time. 

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