6 Reasons Why People Love Custom Note 8 Cases

December 09, 2017

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6 Reasons Why People Love Custom Note 8 Cases

6 Reasons Why People Love Custom Note 8 Cases

6 Reasons Why People Love Custom Note 8 Cases

In today's world there is more to a phone case than just the protection it offers. Check out why people think so highly of custom note 8 cases by clicking here.

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Are you looking for a unique way to protect your Samsung Galaxy Note 8?

A custom cell phone case can be a great way to keep your phone safe, while also keeping your phone fully functional each day.

According to the NPD Group, 75 percent of cell phone owners have a case on their device. It's a statistic that helps illustrate the importance users place on protecting this valuable technology.

The Galaxy Note 8 is a revolutionary smartphone from Samsung because of its cutting-edge technology and advanced features like its 6.3-inch screen and 18.5:9 aspect ratio.

Read on to learn 6 reasons why people love custom Note 8 cases.

1. Stand Out From the Rest

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is available in just three different colors, depending on your service provider. With available colors of Midnight Black, Orchid Gray and most recently, Deepsea Blue, this gives your phone little opportunity to stand out.

But with custom Note 8 cases, you can put a personal touch on your cell phone.

You can choose from many different options. This includes using pictures of you with your family and friends or a design that shows off your artsy side. The process of designing your custom phone case can also be a fun one, as you experiment with different patterns and how to arrange pictures.

By customizing your cell phone case, this can give you some added attention besides just for having the latest technology.

2. Protect Your Phone in Style

Custom Note 8 cases also help you protect your phone in style. And it's a good thing for a couple different reasons.

First, the cost of replacing a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is high. The Note 8 retails for $950, but you may choose to pay for your phone monthly through your service provider. Either way that you look at it though, it's a cost to you and one that is best avoided.

A Note 8 case will help protect your phone from unexpected accidents like dropping it on the ground. This can help keep your phone from being damaged and you being on the hook for a repair bill or cost of replacement of almost a grand.

Besides protecting your phone, you are doing it in style. That's because your case will be custom to who you are and what you want.

3. Lightweight and Slim

Today's cell phone protection technology has come a long way from where it was in the past.

Years ago, protecting your phone meant buying a generic-colored case that did not protect it as well during everyday use. These cases were also fairly bulky, which made them not very aesthetically pleasing.

But that has all changed now.

Cell phone cases are lightweight and slim. They are often made out of polyurethane, a material that can be used to create a flexible or stiff protective cover.

The chemical makeup of polyurethane allows custom covers to be made to have patterns or other unique designs.

4. Accessorize Your Phone

You can accessorize your phone with any outfit by using custom Note 8 cases.

Besides choosing a cell phone case with your favorite sports team's logo or a unique piece of artwork, you can pick something to match your style on any given day.

A custom case allows you to make your cell phone an extension of your personality, just like a handbag or other piece of jewelry. You can create a custom case that matches with your clothing style and for other special occasions.

For example, you may want a more casual case for going out on the weekends but want a more professional one for when you take your cell phone with you to business meetings.

By using a customized case for your phone, you can make it the ultimate accessory.

5. Revamp Your Device

A custom cell phone case allows you to revamp the look of your device without the costs associated with buying a new one altogether.

It can help you add a personal touch to your device while also holding onto it longer. According to a survey by the advertising technology firm, Fluent, the average American waits nearly three years between upgrades for a phone.

In the third quarter of 2017, the average cost of a new smartphone in the United States has risen to $400. That marks a 4 percent increase from the third quarter of 2016.

With the high cost of smartphones, waiting to upgrade your device can also be a financially prudent decision.

6. Easy and Affordable to Design

Today's digital technology makes it easier than ever for you to design a custom cell phone case of your own.

At Custom Envy, we offer affordable custom Note 8 cases with added protection. Our cases use a two-layer protection system, featuring an inner TPU liner and a hard plastic shell. This helps our cases exceed U.S. military drop-test standards.

As you design your custom case, you can choose its finish, along with other unique features. These include a large photograph or a series of photographs. Or you may pick a combination of pictures with text and other icons.

Your one-of-a-kind design can be completed in minutes and arrive at your door in a matter of 1 to 3 days -- meaning you have the custom case you want and fast.

Wrapping Up: Design Custom Note 8 Cases

Custom Note 8 cases are a good way for you to add a personal touch and added protection to your smartphone.

And the best part is, you are in complete control of the process. This way you ensure your cell phone cover is truly unique and something no one else has. It also helps you have the feel of a new phone without footing an expensive bill to replace it. You can design multiple cases and rotate them on and off your phone so that you keep a fresh look for your device.

At Custom Envy, we have a wide range of smartphone cases, from DIY to monogram and more. Are you interested in learning more about custom cell phone cases? Check out our blog post on what your phone case says about you!

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