7 Reasons to Buy Funny iPhone X Phone Cases

August 24, 2018

7 Reasons to Buy Funny iPhone X Phone Cases

7 Reasons to Buy Funny iPhone Cases Including iPhone X

Funny iphone cases will make your friends laugh and project your unique personality. Click here to know more reasons to buy a funny iphone x phone case and get some ideas for one.

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It's so common these days to see someone holding or staring at their cell phone, it's as if they've grown a new appendage. But, just like grandma's goiter, you might as well dress it up.

Buying funny iPhone cases from the kiosk at the mall may tickle you and your friends, but why not get your own. Consider customized phone cases. It opens the door for you to be unique.

Your phone isn't just a tool, it's an accessory. Customising it makes it more personal and more fun. Let's take a look at some ways to personalize your phone case.

Custom Phone Cases

In a world of Kardashians, be anyone else. Why use the same boring case that everyone else has when you can customize yours and stand out.

We customize the screen, the background and use pictures to express ourselves on all our social media platforms, why not your phone case. Here are some great ideas for customizing your phone case.

Why Customize?

Why not! it's a great conversation starter and people like to see new and interesting things. It shows off your personality and makes you and your phone case unique.

It makes a great gift idea, as well. You can get a photo of your friend or loved one and make them a phone case they will love.

Personalized with Photos

Adding a personal picture to your phone case makes it completely yours. When you design your own case, you enjoy it every time you see it.

Family and Loved Ones

You can add any photo you want to your phone case. It can be a picture of yourself, a baby picture, your wedding or graduation or your favorite picture from your last birthday.

It's a great way to pay tribute to those no longer with us.   A picture of your grandmother, your parent or even a dear friend you lost. That way, you see them all the time.

It's the perfect way to keep a close picture of your kids, your sister or anything else you would be happy to share on your social media.


We all have that scenery shot we love. The ocean crashing on the beach, the sunrise through the trees in the backyard, the view from the top of the mountain on your last ski trip.

What better way to share your memories than a beautiful sunset or that perfect full moon shot. Keep your holiday alive by seeing it every day on your phone. Get a few made up, for everyone that was there.


We do love our pets. Why not show off those beloved fur babies by getting their adorable faces on your phone case. People can see your perfect pet and then they'll   want to do the same.

It's a perfect gift idea for the pet loves in your life. You can impress your pet friends with a new phone case that bears their beloved dog or cat. It's another perfect way to pay tribute to the pets that have left us.

Special Design

Why not get your initials, your name or your favorite food on your case. The customized phone case allows you to do just that.

Get your name written in any script or font you like, add some butterflies, some flowers or a lacy design. You can customize the cases to reflect your flowery personality.

You can add your favorite candy, make your case look like a chocolate bar or whatever you like. maybe you are a big fan of heart shapes things, or you love the colors in the rainbow. The moon, the stars and all that in between.

Funny iPhone Cases

Perhaps humor is more your thing. There are plenty of ways you can dress up that phone case to get a giggle out of everyone who sees it.


If you love a particular cartoon character or do the perfect impression of them, make them into your phone case. People may already associate with them anyhow,   remind them again.

If there is a favorite television or movie character you relate to, use their image. You will meet like-minded fans and you never know where that will lead. Whip out that phone case in the right crowd, romantic sparks could fly!

Musicians, comic, happy face, memes and other trending gifs can all be customized for your phone case. Find an abstract picture or an old photo of when your hero was young.

Jokes and Phrases

Maybe you have a favorite saying or humorous phrase you like. Maybe it's a funny way to tell someone off without actually having to do so. Have your one-liner or joke on display.

There are plenty of funny images available and you can use them to start conversations, entertain or just get noticed. Perfect ice breaker for those shy people who need props to start talking.

Other Unique Ideas

Use your favorite quote. It can be meaningful, funny or just suit your lifestyle. From your favorite food to your favorite pop star and your favorite cartoon character, a customized phone case allows you to express yourself.

If you have an artistic flair, why not use some of your own artwork for your phone case. You can make up several of them to give as gifts. That way, more people will become aware of your work.

Go Custom or Go Home

With so many options you will be spoilt for choice. You may decide on the funny iPhone cases, the pictures that evoke nice memories or just something covered in your favorite potato chips.

Hopefully, the case will last you a long time. When you choose to get a personalized case, it will mean more to you.

Consider how happy people will when they receive a custom case as a gift. What a perfect and thoughtful gift to give, when you take the time to add pictures of their own life.

If you need any more information, would like to see more ideas or want to get a gift card,   please contact us here.

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