Popular Designs - Photo Phone Cases

April 27, 2019

Popular Designs - Photo Phone Cases

Photo cases are one of our most popular custom phone case designs at Custom Envy. With the phone camera quality increasing year after year, you can now take professional grade photos with just your phone. The iPhone XS Plus and Galaxy S10 have quality that rivals high end DSLR cameras. Take the iPhone for example, it shoots photos at 16 Megapixels (MP). Compare that to the iPhone 5S that was just 8 MPs. The camera quality has greatly improved from the first iPhones and continues to improve with each release. For Galaxy owners, the Galaxy S10 is an astonishing 17 MPs.  Even the older Galaxy S5 has 16 MPs.

This presents a great opportunity to take extremely high quality photos available for printing on objects like phone cases. Putting a picture on a case is something that anyone can do. Whether its a new family photo, your favorite pet or just an awesome picture you snapped on your latest family vacation the options are endless for designing a photo phone case. 

With the increased quality of phone cameras, Instagramhas quickly become one of the most widely used Social Networks. Where traditional Social Networks like Facebookwere composed of text updates, Instagram put visualization at the forefront.  They offer  filters that add effects to photos that make anyone with a smart phone look like a professional photographer. Filters have been around for decades but had traditionally been used by photographers and editors using specialized computer software like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. With Instagram it gave everyday users the ability to apply filters with the touch of a button.  

Black and White Filter on Photo Case

Custom Envy introduced their custom case designer in 2015 which allows customers to add their Instagram photos directly to their phone case. The customer could also upload their own photo and apply filters directly from the case design tool. You have  several options for making picture phone cases. For example, you can choose several different layouts and even create a collage of photos on a case. Collage cases allow the customer to upload several different photos to create an extremely unique and custom iPhone or Galaxy case.

Collage Case

Matt Annen, the CEO of CustomEnvy said,

"Customers have a lot of flexibility using our tool. They can upload from Facebook, Instagram, their computer or even Google Images. We make it extremely easy to get any photo onto your case."

Don't forget about adding personalization to your photo case. Even simple text like "Family" or "Love" in one of the many fonts is a great way to create a personalized phone case with your Picture.

Love Photo Case

The print quality is second to none and you will be shocked at how great your photo case looks. And since your designs are permanently put onto the case you don't have to worry about scratching, fading or peeling like some of the competitors. Just upload your photo and begin designing your photo case today.