Animals, Animals, Everywhere: The Top 23 Personalized Pet Gifts for Smitten Pet Owners

by Matt Annen January 29, 2019

Animals, Animals, Everywhere: The Top 23 Personalized Pet Gifts for Smitten Pet Owners

The Top 23 Personalized Pet Gifts for Smitten Pet Owners

People often love their pets more than other people. Get the smitten pet owner in your life a gift they'll treasure with one of these 23 personalized pet gifts.

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We all seem to have those friends who are obsessed with their pets--and hey, that may just include you too! But considering your pet part of the family isn't rare at all.

In fact,   81% of dog owners  consider their pup to be part of the family, equal in status to their children.

So, if you have a pet parent on your holiday shopping list, it should come as no surprise that they would love an animal-themed gift. But don't just buy anything with a picture of a dog or cat on it and call it a day.

You can take this up a notch and make it truly special by finding personalized pet gifts.

Don't know where to start? Well, we're here to help! Keep reading to discover 23 personalized gifts any dedicated pet parent would love.

1. Phone Case

If there's one thing that your pets have to compete with, it's probably your smartphone. Studies show that almost half of smartphone users are on their phone for   5 or more hours  a day.

Of course, with how integral smartphones are anymore, many people opt to protect them using a phone case. Consider getting your loved one a   personalized phone case  that's been printed with a picture of their pet. Not only is this gift adorable, but it's practical too!

2. Blanket

It seems like you can never have too many blankets. Especially now that there is a chill in the air, everyone is pulling out their blankets to stay warm and cozy until spring appears again.

That's why a blanket makes a great gift for anyone on your holiday list. You can personalize this for those pet-lovers by ordering a   custom blanket  with a picture of their pet. What's better than snuggling up with your pet by your side and their face on your blanket?

3. Hoodie

Think back to the last time you were at your friend's house. Did their pet follow them around and beg for attention?

If so, your friend and their furry buddy would both enjoy a pet pouch hoodie. As the name suggests, this is a hoodie for your friend, but it has a special kangaroo pouch to fit a cat or small dog. Your friend can carry them around the house or keep them warm if they have to go outside.

4. Coffee Mug

If your friend is anything like the majority of Americans, they probably can't start the day without their morning cup of joe. That's right, coffee consumption is higher than it has been in 6 years with   64% of Americans  drinking at least one cup per day.

Whether they enjoy a cup first thing in the morning or drink it all day at work, they'll need plenty of mugs. You can make their mornings and workdays more enjoyable by gifting them a   personalized coffee mug  with a picture of their pet on it.

Just one look is sure to bring a smile to their face, and it'll quickly become their favorite mug. 

5. Tumblers 

Of course, some people are constantly on the go. If your friend has a hectic schedule to balance, they may not have time to enjoy a warm cup of coffee at home.

Instead, they probably grab their tumbler on their way out the door. The good news is that you can also get   personalized tumblers  with an image of their furry friend on it. Consider getting both a coffee mug and a tumbler, so they can see their pets at work and while running their errands.

6. Coasters

Everyone has that one drink that will help them relax, whether that's a nice glass of wine or a warm cup of coffee. But your friend won't feel very relaxed if they lift their glass to see it left a ring on their end table.

Consider giving them coasters to protect their table and add a cute element to the room. You can find photo coasters that allow your friend to swap out their favorite pet pictures as they please, or get some engraved with an image of their pet.

7. Socks

A pack of socks seemed to be the quintessential let-down gift when you were a kid. But boy how things have changed.

It seems like fun socks are everywhere, and they're becoming great options for small gifts and stocking stuffers. If you decide to go this route, be sure to get a pair of customized socks.

You can either find their pet's breed printed on the socks or go all out and special order a pair using a picture of their pet.

8. Canvas Prints

Think about how you decorate your home. If you're like most people, you have some family photos and canvas prints hanging on the wall.

Well, since pet parents consider Fido and Fluffy as part of the family, it makes sense they'd want to hang a picture of them, too! You can help them do this by ordering high-quality   canvas prints.

Just find a picture of their pet (or with them and their pet together) and get it printed on stretched canvas. It'll look great on the wall, and they'll love that they have a nice canvas print of their furry friend.

9. Puzzle

Does your friend love brain games? By gifting them a puzzle, your giving something they can use over and over again for countless hours of fun.

Of course, to make this a little more personal, consider getting a customized puzzle printed with a picture of their pet. You can find large puzzles for the connoisseur and choose complicated pictures to give them a real challenge.

10. Cutting Board

As an adult, there are certain things you need, like mixing bowls, trash cans, and cutting boards. But who says you can't make these fun?

Unique cutting boards make excellent gifts. And you can get it engraved with a simple image of their pet to make it that much more special.

11. Beach Towel

Does your loved one live near a beach or take annual beach vacations? Do they have a backyard swimming pool? If so, you can't go wrong with gifting them a   beach towel.

And, you guessed it--you can take this up a notch by personalizing it with a picture of their furbaby! Not only will they love it, but it makes their beach towel easily recognizable, so they don't confuse it with someone else's at the beach or public pool.

12. Paw Print Jewelry

It's no secret that jewelry is a girl's best friend. And you don't have to include diamonds for this to be true.

In fact, many pet parents are sure to think that a personalized piece of jewelry with their pet's paw print engraved on it is more sentimental than a diamond. If you can't get their pet's paw print without them knowing, consider getting a generic paw print and their pet's name engraved under it.

13. Clock

Clocks do more than just help you know what time it is. They also make a great piece of decor to dress up any wall.

Consider giving your loved one a personalized pet clock. You can print a picture of their pet on the face and even add their name or a cute saying. 

14. Matching Outfits

Is your loved one's Instagram full of pictures of them with their pet? Do they love to take the classic Christmas picture with their family all in matching pajamas?

Let your friend have a blast by getting them and their pet matching outfits. You can get matching Christmas PJs, sweaters, or even a matching scarf and bandana. Bonus points if you find an outfit with a cute saying that your friend would love.

15. Fleece Reptile Blanket

Let's not forget about those friends with the not-so-furry pets. Yes, people are obsessed with their loveable reptiles too!

If your friend has a small lizard, they may have trouble finding cute products to pamper their pet with. You can help them out by gifting a customized fleece reptile blanket that has their pet's name embroidered on it.

16. Throw Pillow

Throw pillows make a great addition to any room. They can make sofas and chairs look more comfortable, and they add to the decor.

The pet parent in your life is sure to love a throw pillow that has been customized to include their pet. You can get a picture printed directly on it or go for a simple drawing of their pet to make it better match the rest of the decor.

17. Pet Tag

Any pet owner knows how important ID tags are. In the event their pet gets out, an ID tag can let passerby know that they are lost and need help.

But that doesn't mean you can't get original with the message. Consider giving your friend a cute or   funny pet tag. You can include a message like, "Have your people call my people" with their contact information.

Not only is this useful, but your friend will love how their pet's ID tag reflects their personality.

18. Christmas Ornament

Everyone knows that pets love to be the star of the show. So why not give your loved one a special ornament for their pet?

You can include a picture of their pet in a clear Christmas ornament or have it printed on a ceramic ornament. You can even have one etched with their paw print or find a cute ornament with a cat or dog and have their name written on it.

19. Cookie Cutter

Aside from decorating the tree, baking cookies is one of the best Christmas traditions. Of course, you can't have Christmas cookies without making sugar cookie cut-outs!

While most people use Santa, candy cane, and snowflake-shaped cookie cutters, you can give your friend something a little more unique. Order cookie cutters in the shape of their pet's face for the ultimate gift this holiday season!

20. Book

It's not just your friend that loves their pets. Their kids are sure to love them too!

You can get a customized storybook with the cover art designed to look like their pet. It'll look adorable, and their kids will love reading it. Plus, who wouldn't want a book about their beloved pet?

21. Tote Bag

It seems like you always need a tote bag but can never find one. They're super convenient for day trips and can be used as an eco-friendly grocery bag for those quick trips to the store.

And, you know the drill by now--you can customize it using a picture of your friend's pet. If you don't want to use an exact picture, you can also have a simple drawing of their pet put on it to be a little more chic.

22. Magnet

The kitchen can be such a hard room to personalize. Most of the wall space is taken up with cabinets and appliances, and you want to keep the counters free of decor and clutter.

The one place that's easy to decorate is the refrigerator. You can give your friend a set of personalized fridge magnets! They'll love ones that look like their pet or one big magnet in the shape of a paw print with their pet's name on it.

23. Pet Products

It's no secret that pet owners love to spoil their furry friends. This means that you can spoil them too!

Consider getting them a personalized pet product, such as a cozy bed or a stylish food bowl with their name on it. Your friend will love that their pet is getting the best of the best.

Best Personalized Pet Gifts

If your friend is a dedicated pet parent, they're sure to love getting personalized pet gifts this holiday season and beyond! Just follow our list for inspiration to get them the perfect present.

Still not sure what to get? Check out these   must-have iPhone accessories  for more ideas or consider getting a   gift card, so your loved one can choose their favorite photo to personalize their mugs, blankets, phone cases, and more.

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