Don't Break the Bank: Inexpensive Gifts for Coworkers

by Matt Annen June 10, 2019

Don't Break the Bank: Inexpensive Gifts for Coworkers

Don't Break the Bank: Inexpensive Gifts for Coworkers

Want show coworkers you really care but don't want to spend an entire paycheck? Here are inexpensive gifts for coworkers they'll be sure to love.

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Whether you need gifts for an upcoming holiday party, want to find a way to say thank you to the coworker that covered for you in a meeting, or if you just want to find ways to   bring the office closer together, now is the time to start shopping for the people you work with. 

You want to get your coworkers gifts they'll use and enjoy -- but you don't want to break the bank in the process. 

The good news? 

There are plenty of inexpensive gifts for coworkers that can have a big impact despite their affordable price tag.

Getting the right gift is a perfect way to build goodwill in the office, and seeing coworkers use the gifts you've given them will make you smile, too. 

Keep on reading this post to learn more about some of the   top coworker gift ideas

1. The Perfect Coffee Cup

Let's face it: your office just wouldn't function without the all-important coffee maker. 

From helping you to keep your eyes open in the morning to preventing that dreaded mid-afternoon crash, everyone relies on it to keep them focused an energized. 

Why not give your coffee-loving coworkers the perfect caffeine-themed accessory as a gift? 

Creating a customized coffee cup is an awesome way to show your coworkers that you actually listen to the stories they tell in the breakroom. Have they mentioned that they love a certain television show or band? Create a mug that features the characters from these shows, or even lyrics from the band's hit song.

You could also deck out the mugs in photos of your coworkers' family members. 

After all, it's always nice to be reminded that everyone has a life outside of the office. 

2. A Case for Their Work Phone 

We're willing to bet that everyone you work with spends tons of time on their phone every day. 

While perhaps not all of those texts and phone calls are work-related, the fact is that smartphones make it easy to answer texts and respond to work emails in seconds. 

That is, until they drop and break. Then, everything seems to fall apart. 

Save your coworkers from stress by giving them personalized cases that will protect their precious phones. 

Have you noticed that your coworker has a particular photo on their desk? Do they talk all the time about their beloved pet or their human children? Maybe they love to travel, and always enjoying sharing their envy-inducing vacation pictures with the rest of the office. 

We love the idea of using these photographs for the phone background's case. 

Make sure that you study up on what kind of phones your coworkers have, so that you can get a cause that fits just right. 

3. Fuzzy Blankets

Everyone you work with is always "on" at the office -- which makes life after 5:00 and weekends more important than ever. 

When you're looking for the right coworker gifts, we think you should give them something that encourages deep relaxation. That's why   a personalized blanket  is sure to be appreciated by all. 

You can even have your company's name printed on the blanket, so that it works as both a promotional item and a way to encourage your stressed-out coworkers to take some time to themselves.  

4. A Beach Towel of Their Own

A little time off from work offers much more than just a nice reprieve from the office and the chance to see a different part of the world. 

There are also  serious health benefits to taking some time off. Especially if one of your coworkers has a birthday in the summertime, one of our favorite small gifts for coworkers is a personalized beach towel. 

If you want to go the tongue-in-cheek route, you can have a photo of everyone else working hard at the office printed on the towel with a fun message like, "Wish we were there!" 

You can also keep things classic, and just have the towels monogrammed with their initials. 

Either way, it's sure to be a hit. 

5. A Unique Watchband

If the people you work with are anything like the majority of employees, they probably think that way   too much time is wasted  in meetings. 

They also probably can't always resist the urge to glance at their watch while your manager is explaining the same concept for the third time. 

Make meetings just a touch easier to get through by gifting your coworkers with   customized Apple Watch wristbands

You can print funny phrases on them, deck them out in pictures of their family members, or just create a funky pattern for the band. 

Of course, these inexpensive gifts for coworkers also serve as a subtle hint for those members of your team that seem to have trouble showing up on time. 

Finding Inexpensive Gifts for Coworkers Doesn't Have to Feel Impossible

No matter which one of your coworkers you're shopping for or what you and the rest of the office plan to celebrate, we hope you've found this list of inexpensive gifts for coworkers inspirational. 

You may also be ready to pick up a few personalized items for yourself!

Whatever you decide on, you deserve high-quality products that offer lots of design options. 

That's where we come in. 

We take great care in providing you with the   best customizable gifts  possible, and we even offer warranties and money-back guarantees.

It's time to take the stress out of shopping. We invite you to rely on us to help make that happen this year. 

Matt Annen
Matt Annen

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