For the Love of Learning: The 27 Best Teacher Gifts That Aren't Apples

January 16, 2019

For the Love of Learning: The 27 Best Teacher Gifts That Aren't Apples

For the Love of Learning: The 27 Best Teacher Gifts That Aren't Apples

Struggling to come up with an appropriate gift for your child's teacher? Here are the 27 best ideas for teacher gifts that they'll love more than an apple.

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Teachers are some of the most important people in your children's lives -and yours!

They provide valuable lessons every day that you carry with you throughout your whole life. So wouldn't you want to show them your appreciation in special ways? 

There's no need to resort to the same cliche gifts. This is your chance to really express your gratitude and an apple with a ribbon tied around it just won't cut it in this decade. Keep reading to find out 27 of the best teacher gifts that will definitely wow the educators in your life.

1. Tumbler Cup

These cups will make great teacher gifts because they are so convenient. Most teacher move around a lot throughout the day trying to keep a handle on students and papers. 

Tumbler cups are insulated and travel friend for the on-the-go teacher. Try scooping out some of their favorite images and creating a   customized tumbler cup  to really add a special touch.

2. Coffee Mug

Can we really say teacher without coffee? Didn't think so. Help the teachers in your life stay energized and on top of their game by gifting a nice coffee mug.

You can choose a traditional mug or jazz it up with some new,   unique coffee mug designs  on the market. Match a mug with the educator's personal style to make it a top favorite of teacher gifts. 

3. Scented Candles

Of course you can't light open fires in school but giving a scented candle is still one of the best teacher gift ideas. It's not uncommon for an educator to be stressed out after a long year, semester or even day of work. Surely helping them to come home to a serene environment would be greatly appreciated.

You can choose sweet, fruity flavors that will bring delight to their homes or workspaces. Or you can research some of the   best scents for calming  their minds. Either way, they'll love this present!

4. Tea Gift Set

Tea is one of the most popular and widely consumed beverages in the world. Studies show that the age-old drink can be found in at least   80% of U.S. households. Your teacher's house may be one of them!

A tea gift set is the perfect gem for any tea-loving educator. They typically come with multiple flavors to sample and, most times, tea equipment -such as mugs, teapots, and infusers.

5. Hot Chocolate Gift Set

Hot chocolate may not be as popular as tea year around but it can definitely share the spotlight during the colder season. This delicious liquid is a great treat to gift a teacher.

These sets often come with various unique flavors to try as well. And, sometimes, yummy add-ons like marshmallows!

6. Cozy Socks 

A good pair of cozy, comfortable socks can go a long way. And people always need socks, especially in the winter. 

Whether they're packing on the layers or cuddling up next to the fireplace with a good book, socks make some of the best teacher gifts because they're extremely useful. Your recipient will not be disappointed if you find a pair with extra fuzziness for double the comfort.

7. Blanket

Happiness is definitely a warm blanket. And if you want to give the gift of joy then a cozy blanket is one of the best gifts for teachers that you can give. 

You have plenty of material options to choose from, including soft sherpa, comfy cotton or fuzzy fleece. Check out this   one-of-a-kind blanket that offers comfort in a fashionable way for the educator in your life.

8. Hat, Gloves, Scarf Set

Everyone needs to keep warm while they're outdoors on those cold winter days. Hat, gloves and scarf sets are one of the most classic presents you can give to anyone. And that's what makes it one of the most loved teacher gifts. 

9. Touch Screen-Friendly Gloves

Technology has taken a traditional winter gear gift and made it even better! Touchscreen-friendly gloves allow someone's hands and fingers to stay warm while still being able to operate their smartphones.

This is one of the greatest teacher gifts for any techie - or simple anyone who uses a cell phone. We can think of a few people who do that.

10. All Natural Skin & Body Care 

The winter is rough on our bodies. It is especially harsh on our skin. Give the gift of moisture and soft skin this season. 

Be sure to stick to all natural, organic products and always scan ingredients for any toxic additions. Aim for the   cleanest skin and body care brands that you can find. Any teacher will appreciate the consideration for their health and beauty!

11. Lip Balm Set

Nobody wants chapped, cracked lips but this can be another struggle to fight against in the winter. Lip balm gift sets are the perfect little gifts to help out a teacher this chilly season. Just like with other body care products, opt for more natural, organic brands.

12. Chocolate Gift Box

Edible goodies are some of the best teacher gifts one could give. Make the moment really sweet by gifting a delicious, decadent full chocolate gift box. 

There are multiple luxury chocolate companies that offer high-quality chocolate packaged in great sets. And with all the flavors that have been added over the decades, its worth the extra calories. Besides, who doesn't love chocolate?

13. Jewelry 

A beautiful piece of jewelry is a great way to show some appreciation to an educator. You don't have to buy a diamond ring. There are plenty of simple, sophisticated pieces that offer an elegant touch to a teacher's ensemble. 

Keep it simple with a nice pair of earrings, a classy wristwatch or even a cute charm bracelet. Put some sparkle and shine into your teacher gifts!

14. Reading Books

Most educators love to read. You can be the one to give the gift of more knowledge. Reading books are a great idea for teacher gifts. 

Keep an eye open for some of the teacher's interests so you can choose the right book. Or do a little research on best sellers or hottest reads at the moment. 

15. Photo Album

Photo albums are wonderful gifts for helping others   capture irreplaceable memories. This is perfect for a teacher who loves taking photos, making memorable keepsakes or scrap-booking.

But this is still a great idea even if someone isn't into any of those hobbies. They'll be able to enjoy this long-lasting present and build over time.

16. Oil Diffuser

Oil diffusers are another great way to add some calm and serene into life. They come in compact sizes for convenience and are amazing for adding fresh aromas to any room.

Add an extra surprise by supplying a few different fragrances for them to try out with their new device.

17. Comfy Slippers or Slipper Socks

Slippers are a simple yet extremely useful gift. These cozy house shoes are the ideal indoor wear for any winter day. Slipper socks with grips on the bottom are also just as good as slippers.

There are tons of different styles, colors, and materials to choose from. A typical rule of thumb for this gift is the fuzzier they are the better!

18. Wallet

Wallets are great options for teacher gifts for men and women. It's an age-old gift to help keep someone's important financial items organized and on-hand at all times in the safest and convenient way.

You can choose a style depending on the personality of the educator. From minimalist to high-class chic, you'll definitely be able to find the perfect card case to gift.

19. Fruit-Infusing Water Bottle

Water bottles are great teacher gifts. However, you can step it up a notch by gifting a special type of bottle. Fruit infusing water bottle help to add a bit of flavor to your gifting and their drink.

These unique bottles have the same convenience of a regular water bottle but with an added twist. These bottles come with an adapter unit in the middle or bottle that allows you to place fruits in the bottle and drink with a fruity splash without the actual fruits getting in the way. This is awesome for motivating adequate hydration. 

20. Headphones

Headphones can be just as easy to lose as socks. So sometimes having an extra pair- or two- can really come in handy.

Figure out what types of headphones they might prefer specifically, such as earbuds, Bluetooth, etc. Then, invest in a good brand that is durable with superior sound quality.

21. Canvas Print

Teachers not only have their homes to decorate- some love to decorate their classrooms as well. No matter the place, a canvas print could be a great addition for any room. 

Help an educator brighten up bare walls with some lovely art. You could even go try   personalizing a canvas print  for a special feel. Consider making a print of something valuable like personal artwork or a family photo.

22. Gift cards

Gift cards are one of the safest teacher gifts. You may be overwhelmed with shopping or just completely clueless as to what they would like. Well, gift cards handle all of the gift-giving anxiety.

General credit company gift cards, such as Visa or Mastercard, are great options. Its also a good idea to grab some cards for specific stores, restaurants, and websites. It's probably a fact that no one will turn down a gift card.

23. Holiday Ornaments

Some people absolutely love the holidays and traditions. So decking the halls and trimming the tree is important to them. And what's a better gift for someone excited about the holidays than a special holiday ornament?

Don't just get any old regular ornament. Find a unique one that shows how much you appreciate them being a teacher. You can always win with an encouraging phrase such as, "#1 Teacher" or "World's Best Teacher". Or use their favorite color, character or other hobby in life to make a true personable gift.

24. Homemade Baked Goods

If you are tight on a budget and don't mind getting in the kitchen a bit then homemade goods may be the way to go. Many people loved homemade gifts. And there's something that makes the present even more special when you've made it with love and your own two hands.

Look up a   tasty holiday recipe  and get to baking to impress the teachers you love. Cookies, cakes and pies are all acceptable but you can also try non-traditional pastry for a little extra pizzazz. 

25. Tote Bags

Teachers have lots of things to carry - from books to supplies and probably first aids kits for playground accidents. Tote bags are great teacher gifts for the educators who have lots of extra items and not enough arms.

They're usually eco-friendly and have very simple looks. A sturdy tote bag can go a long way for adding a bit more convenience, organization and style.

26. Monetary Donations

Sometimes classroom needs go unmet. This is a chance to donate some monetary gifts to particular needs of, not just the teacher, but students too.

This one of the best ideas for teacher gifts because it can continue to help throughout the entire year. It's truly the gift that keeps on giving.

27. Handwritten 'Thank You' Letter

Teachers love personal gifts and what is more personal than a handwritten letter of gratitude. This is a lovely gift to give to any educator. You can pour your heart out of how much of a help they are and all the valuable things they add. 

You can also add a nice note onto any other gift you give as well. Gifts from the heart can always make someone feel special and appreciated.

Looking for More Ideas for Teacher Gifts

There are lots of gifts to choose from that can bring a smile across any teacher's face. You don't have to give the same gifts that teachers were receiving years ago. 

You can choose from a variety of options from socks to jewelry. Some of the best teacher gifts to give are personal and customized. Don't hesitate to   contact us today  if you're looking to make a gift even more special. 

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