Fun Gifts for Teachers You Absolutely Love

by Matt Annen May 13, 2019

Fun Gifts for Teachers You Absolutely Love

Fun Gifts for Teachers You Absolutely Love

Show the teacher in your life how much you appreciate what they do. Here are a few gifts for teachers that will add a little fun to their classrooms.

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When surveyed, what's the one gift that most teachers   said they wanted  this year?

Nope, it isn't a gift card or a bottle of wine. They're not looking for a manicure or massage. 

Rather, they want personalized notes from their schoolchildren. 

This tells us that customization reigns supreme over generic gifts that lack meaning. When it comes to your child's teacher, it's worth it to go the extra mile.

Today, we're sharing fun gifts for teachers that are as special as they are.

Ready to learn more? Let's dive in.

1. Custom Drink Tumbler or Photo Mug

Especially on those dreary Monday mornings, teachers around the world can be seen arriving early to school with a tumbler of coffee in hand. 

Sure, a plain stainless steel one gets the job done. Yet, it can easily get lost in the teacher's lounge among all the similar models out there. 

This is where a   custom drink tumbler  delivers. 

Design one in a motif you know the teacher will adore. Add a name, initials or inspirational quote, such as "It takes a big heart to shape tiny minds."

Want to give a gift that will help them remember your kid's class for years to come? Give   a photo mug complete with the class picture or images captured throughout the year.

These are two simple ways to make a big impact, and the gifts are as fashionable as they are practical. You can even add a few packs of decadent hot chocolate mix and marshmallows in one for a holiday gift!

2. Personalized Phone Case

What's the one gadget every teacher can't live without? A smartphone!

From planning and scheduling to snapping pictures and messaging parents, this is their go-to tool for getting the job done. Why not give a tech-savvy gift to enhance it?

Create a   custom phone case  with your teacher's monogram, along with a pattern you know they'll adore. You can design special cases for iPhones, Galaxies, Google phones, and LG phones, as well as iPads. 

Extra-protective with a tough bumper, these phone cases are durable, long-lasting and come with a lifetime guarantee. They pair well with a new planner for the upcoming school year and a fresh pack of pens!

3. Monogrammed Blanket

Studies show that an average teaching day spans   12 to 16 hours.

This takes into account the one hour before school begins, eight hours in the classroom, and three to five hours after school performing various tasks, from parent conferences to meetings. 

That said, our educators need a break! What better way to encourage them to relax and take time for themselves than a   monogrammed blanket?

Add their initials, name or a quote to a soft and fashionable blanket, choosing from among several sizes and fabric options. Pair it with a bag of bath salts, an eye mask, and some fuzzy slippers for an at-home spa night they'll cherish. 

4. Tailored Watch Band

Despite the best intentions of the giver, some teacher gifts wind up in the trash can after a few days. They're either impractical, perishable or both. This isn't the case when you give a personalized   Apple watch band

Apple is known for   making technology accessible  in the classroom, so it comes as no surprise that schoolteachers everywhere are leveraging Apple watches to stay up-to-date.

In fact,   one report  noted that the passive notification features of the Apple Watch make it ideal for teachers, as they can see alerts and send or receive emails without the distraction of a ringing phone.

If you notice that your teacher has an Apple watch, a custom band makes a great gift. Keep it simple and add a line of text such as a name or monogram. This is a useful gift that will help them remember you every time they look down!

5. Personalized Beach Towel

End-of-the-year gifts can only mean one thing: It's beach season! 

A   personalized beach towel  is a great way to send your favorite teacher off into a summer full of fun in the sun. Roll it up into a plastic pail, along with a bottle of sunscreen and some fun sunglasses. You can even throw a custom tumbler into the mix to encourage seaside sipping!

Create a towel that features a simple pattern, such as a striped motif. You can also upload an image or choose a solid color with text. Choose from either a large or small custom towel, and let your imagination guide the design. 

6. Handmade Card 

Finally, we couldn't end this list of gifts for a teacher without including an obvious addition: a handmade card from your child!

While the above are special tokens of your appreciation, they aren't complete without the sweet sentiment that a crayon-colored creation can bring. 

Don't stress too much about spelling, grammar or Picasso-quality artwork. Give your child a pad of paper and some colorful writing utensils and encourage creativity. Be on hand to help with spelling if needed, but otherwise let their handiwork shine!

Find Gifts for Teachers and Everyone on Your List

Throughout the year, there are many opportunities to make those around you feel special. From holidays to birthdays and every special occasion in between, you may feel stressed and burnt out just thinking about all the details to remember!

This is where we come in.

Our shop is full of customizable products that never get dull. We specialize in gifts for teachers, children, co-workers and everyone else on your list. They're the ideal way to step outside the gift card box, one monogrammed creation at a time. 

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Matt Annen
Matt Annen

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