Get a Bang for Your Buck: Everything You Need to know About the Samsung Galaxy S10E

by Matt Annen April 22, 2019

Get a Bang for Your Buck: Everything You Need to know About the Samsung Galaxy S10E

Everything You Need to know About the Samsung Galaxy SE

The Samsgun Galaxy S10 is finally here! Offered in several versions, each has its own awesome features. If you're looking for a deal, check out the Galaxy S10E.

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Are you thinking about getting a Samsung Galaxy S10?

Samsung aficionados should be aware that Samsung released a new line of Galaxy phones. An upgrade to the current Galaxy S10, Samsung released the S10+ and announced an   ultimate edition  of the S10 as well.

These are all said to cover all the software and hardware problems the original S10 had, making them better by default.

The problem is they have the price to match their upgrades. This makes them unattainable to other users until the prices become lower in time. However, for those unwilling to wait, the Galaxy S10E is a viable and affordable option.

Read what we’ve prepared below to learn all you need to know about this smartphone. You may find that it checks every box you have when it comes to smartphones.

1. Galaxy S10E Specs

Let’s start off with what people will notice first, the screen. In comparison to the original S10, the S10E has a smaller screen size by a difference of 0.73 cm. Though this may not seem like much to most people, it means it can have a lot of its resolution cut down.

In fact, this is where this Galaxy phone lands. Compared to the original’s 1440x3040 pixels, this Galaxy phone can only display 1080x2280 pixels. This will still be enough to allow people to have the best experience in terms of viewing.

These shouldn’t dissuade you from buying one though. This can still be as good as the original in other aspects. For example, they have the same operating systems as each other.

This means that what the original can run, this smartphone can also run. Also, what makes this a viable choice is that it’s   cheaper than the original. This makes it a great option to help you gauge whether this line of smartphones is a good fit for you.

2. Design

The design of this Galaxy smartphone has a story behind it. As of late, Samsung has noticed the demand of their customers on the size of their smartphones. To be more precise, they wanted their smartphones to be smaller than they are.

Samsung then decided to cram everything they can in a space as small as it can get. This led to the final dimensions of the smartphone to be 142.2x69.9x7.9 millimeters. This makes it the smallest phone in its generation, being smaller than the iPhone XS by a hair’s breadth.

This makes it fit with ease into the pockets of its owners. Other than that, it has the same basic design as the original S10. This means it has the same smooth edges the original has, helping you to avoid snagging it on any soft material like your pocket linings and such.

Also, being the smallest Galaxy smartphone of its kind means it’s also the lightest. Only weighing 150 grams makes it feel as if you’re carrying nothing on the palm of your hand. Though this means you’ll need a different phone case as the   cases for your S10  may be too big for it.

3. Performance

As mentioned above, this Galaxy phone has the same OS as the one before it. The Android 9 Pie OS gives your smartphone the same intuitive AI as the S10 does. The adaptive battery allows you to make the most out of a single charge, as it manages which apps should run in the background to save as much power as it can.

This combined with the adjustable brightness ensures you use up as much of the power this phone can hold. This Galaxy smartphone also has the same processor as the S10. The Samsung Exynos 9 Octa-core chipset allows it to run as many processes as the original can.

This makes for a smooth-running smartphone even if it’s smaller in different aspects. This is also because of its RAM and storage capabilities. 6GB of RAM may not be much to some people, but it’s enough to ensure the smartphone does its duties without fail.

Also, speaking of storage, there are 2 options you can opt for in that regard. The first option is a 128GB internal storage. This makes for a sensible purchase for most people.

The other option is twice the storage space for an extra charge. 256GB of storage makes it possible for smartphone aficionados to treat this as their 2nd PC. You can also opt to expand it further by buying an SD card, which is compatible with this smartphone.

4. Camera

The only way the camera of the Samsung S10E is inferior to the original one is that it lacks one camera lens at the back. That doesn’t mean it won’t take as good-looking photos though. The 2 rear cameras it has may even be an upgrade compared to the S10’s.

The 2nd lens it has at the rear allows you to take smoother photos as one of its purposes is to stabilize your photos when shooting conditions are shakier than normal. It also allows for a wider photo than the usual.

5. Other Features

Samsung is unique in that it does it all for their customers. One such example is how most of their phones have a dual sim feature. This makes it easy for most of their users to swap between their numbers when contacting people.

Also, security is never an issue with this Galaxy smartphone. The hardware becomes protected because of its finger scanner feature. This makes it next to impossible to access by other people if the users set it as such.

Its software also becomes protected because of the private mode it supports. This allows users to hide certain apps and files from other people if they leave it alone unlocked. It also gets protection from the elements.

This smartphone is both dustproof and waterproof. It can survive at depths of 1.5 meters and dust comes off with ease. This allows users to have an easy time maintaining it.

It’s also one of the only current generation smartphones to have an audio jack. A feature rare to most developers nowadays.

Learn What You Need to Learn About the Galaxy S10E Today

The new Galaxy S10E is the best choice for those unfamiliar with the line of smartphones. Get your own now and see why it’s a great phone with great value.

You may also want to think about buying a custom phone case if you’re planning to buy that phone. There are more reasons to buy a custom phone case aside from those stated above. Read our guide about   buying a custom phone case  to see why you should.

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