How to Choose the Right iPhone X Case: A Guide

April 16, 2018

<body><!-- Created with Shogun. --> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="" /> <div class="shogun-root"> <div id="s-7382b54c-89d4-40f0-9775-22a52d415c84" class="shg-c shg-align-center"> <div class="shogun-image-container"><img src="" width="" height="" alt="" class="shogun-image img-responsive " /> <div class="shogun-image-overlay shogun-lightbox-item shg-bottom-center" style=""></div> </div> </div> <div id="s-bb7c4ee1-d429-406e-a18f-323270fb85e1" class="shg-c "><title>How to Choose the Right iPhone X Case: A Guide</title> <h1>How to Choose the Right iPhone X Case: A Guide</h1> <h3>How to Choose the Right iPhone X Case: A Guide</h3> <h6>Choosing the right iPhone X case means evaluating a few different things from style to functionality. Check out this guide to help pick out the right one!</h6> <h4>Keyword(s): iPhone X case</h4> <p></p> <p>One of the hardest parts of getting a new phone is picking the right case.</p> <p>There are so many cases out there, it can be hard to find the right one with the right features for you. Sometimes it's easier to just avoid getting a case altogether.</p> <p>But that's not usually a good idea.</p> <p>Take a look at this iPhone X case guide to find out why you need a case for your phone and which type you should get.</p> <h2>Do I Really Need a Phone Case?</h2> <p>The short answer is "yes," but we won't leave you with just that. We'll tell you why.</p> <p>First things first, cases protect your phone.</p> <p>This is obvious, but think of how many times a week, or even a day, you drop your phone. If you don't have a case, those drops could turn into dents, cracks, and breaks that can seriously mess with the function of your phone.</p> <p>People planning to resell their phones in the future should definitely invest in a good phone case. Een a few minor damages can affect the <a href="">resale value of your phone</a>.</p> <p>Slapping a case on your phone keeps it in good condition, and keeping your phone in good condition ups your chances of getting a free upgrade the next time you need a new phone.</p> <h3>But Sometimes Cases Can Be Expensive...</h3> <p>Sure, but they probably won't be as expensive as repairing a shattered screen or buying an entirely new phone.</p> <p>Besides, if you get the free upgrade, the cost of the case will be totally worth the investment.</p> <h3>I Don't Want My Phone to Be Bulky</h3> <p>We can understand that.</p> <p>It can be such a shame to cover up the sleek design of your phone with a rough and bulky phone case.</p> <p>But there's such a thing as slim phone cases. This makes it easy to get your phone in and out of your pocket and keeps doesn't hide the design of the phone. This type of case keeps the phone skinny and protected at the same time.</p> <h2>How Do I Pick the Right iPhone X Case?</h2> <p>There's not a single case that's the best case for everyone.</p> <p>Your iPhone X case might need to have more protection than your friend's iPhone X case. It all comes down to how you'll be using your phone.</p> <p>Here are a few questions that'll help you figure out the right type of case for your phone.</p> <h3>How Clumsy Are You?</h3> <p>In other words, how often do you think you'll be dropping your phone?</p> <p>If you know you're likely to drop your phone at least once a day, you may want to get a case that has a lot of protection.</p> <p>And spend some time thinking about just where you're likely to drop it too.</p> <p>Do you spend most of your time at the office or inside where you'll be dropping your phone on a padded carpet? Or do you think there's a good chance your phone will fall on harder surfaces like concrete and rocky ground?</p> <p>If you don't drop your phone that often, you probably won't need a tough case.</p> <h3>What Will Your Phone Be Around?</h3> <p>This question mostly relates to things like water and moisture. Is there a danger your phone could sustain any kind of <a href="">water damage</a>?</p> <p>If so, you may need a waterproof case.</p> <h3>What Features Do You Want?</h3> <p>Are you just looking for a case that will protect your phone from drops and bumps? Or do you want a few other features added to your case?</p> <p>For example, a <a href="">wallet case</a> lets you carry your driver's license, credit or debit cards, Costco memberships, and anything else you usually carry around with you in your phone case. This could eliminate the need to carry both a wallet and a phone at the same time.</p> <p>Other cases have kickstands that pop out the back so your phone can stand up on its own. If you watch a lot of videos on your phone, this could be something you'll want.</p> <p>Make a list of the features you want your case to have before you start shopping around. This will make it easier to find the right case.</p> <h2>Different Kinds of iPhone X Cases</h2> <p>There are a lot of different phone cases out there, so knowing what they are and what they do can be a big help during your search.</p> <p>Here are the best ones you should keep an eye out for.</p> <h3>Slim Cases</h3> <p>These are the cases that are thin and don't add much bulk. They will protect your phone from the occasional fall, but if you drop your phone a lot, you may want something a little more heavy duty.</p> <p>If you want to avoid covering up your phone's design, you can choose a <a href="">transparent slim case</a>. You'll hardly even know the case is there.</p> <h3>Touch Cases</h3> <p>Touch cases are usually made from a soft, inner layer of silicone covered by another hard layer of polycarbonate. The hard layer protects the phone from damages, and the softer layer absorbs shock.</p> <p>If you decide to get one of these, make sure it has the military drop test certification.</p> <h3>Wallet Cases (Or Folio Cases)</h3> <p>These are handy for a number of reasons. Not only are they functional, they also look nice and give your phone complete, all around protection.</p> <p>Because the wallet case folds over the screen, it can keep the screen from cracks and damages just as well as it protects the rest of the phone.</p> <h3>Waterproof Cases</h3> <p>Keep in mind, most of these cases are 100% waterproof.</p> <p>They will, however, protect your phone from spills, splashes of water from amusement park rides, or a douse of water your friend dumps on you during a hot, summer day.</p> <h3>Rugged Cases</h3> <p>This type of case is incredibly tough. It's designed for an easy grip, even with wet hands, so you may have a hard time getting it in and out of your pocket.</p> <p>It will protect your phone from every angle, meaning it covers the screen and all the buttons as well.</p> <p>A rugged case can make it a little difficult to actually use your phone though, so it's only a good idea to get this case if you'll be doing some rough and tough activities.</p> <h2>Take Your Time Finding the Right iPhone X Case</h2> <p>You'll want an iPhone X case that really does what you want, so take your time and do your homework. When you find a case you're interested in, read its reviews and make sure it's a good fit.</p> <p>Can't find a phone case you really like? <a href="">Take a look</a> at our services and create your own custom iPhone X case.</p> </div> </div> <script type="text/javascript" src="" async=""></script></body>

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