How to Create Unique Coffee Mugs for Your Geek in Your Life

by Matt Annen May 29, 2019

How to Create Unique Coffee Mugs for Your Geek in Your Life

How to Create Unique Coffee Mugs for Your Geek in Your Life

Gift the geek in your life something sweet and something truly awesome. Keep reading to see unique coffee mugs that'll quench the nerdy spirit.

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Looking for the perfect gift for the geek in your life -- but have little to no idea about the science fiction-filled lifestyle they lead? 

Have you heard them talk endlessly about an upcoming convention, television show, or even comic? 

If so, you can use the information you do know to make them something they'll not just adore, but also actually use: cool coffee mugs that feature some of their favorite nerd heroes and subjects. 

In this post, we'll tell you how you can create customizable and   unique coffee mugs for the geek you know. 

We're certain that they'll love showing off your gift to everyone -- and maybe you'll even get into some of their nerdy obsessions yourself. 

1. Reference Their Favorite Television Show

Whether it's   Doctor Who,   Star Trek,   Battlestar Galactica, or  The Big Bang Theory, the nerd would certainly fail to exist without the fandoms created by avid followers of some of the above television shows. 

Chances are high that the geek you care about has strong opinions about their favorite Doctor or future  Star Trek  spinoffs. 

Even if you're not a fan of any of the shows we mentioned, showing your friend that you listen when they talk about their hobbies and interests will go a long way. 

Put a telephone booth on the  Doctor Who mug, add a picture of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 to a  Star Trek-themed mug, or even feature Spock on the outside of the mug. 

2. Feature a Scientific Celebrity

Neil deGrasse Tyson. Stephen Hawking. Marie Curie. And, of course, Bill Nye the Science Guy. 

If the nerd in your life can't get enough of their scientific idol, then we know they'll adore trendy coffee mugs that have their face printed on the side. 

To make the mug extra special, you could even add a famous quote from one of the great scientific minds of our era.

Check out this post  to get inspired by some of deGrasse Tyson's greatest quips. 

3. Adorn Mugs with an Equation

Perhaps one of the best ideas for unique coffee mugs that are also geek-friendly is to put some sort of mathematical equation or even just a simple symbol on the mugs themselves. 

For example, you could reference the Yang-Baxter Equation, the Theory of Relativity, or any of the other options on   this list

Especially if your nerdy friend has a bit of trouble talking to others, giving them a mug with an equation on it will serve as the perfect icebreaker -- and help them to identify their fellow nerds in the process. 

4. Honor Their Video Game Obsession

We love the idea of making a small collection of awesome coffee mugs that reference the geek in your life's favorite video game characters and franchises. 

Are they into all things   Smash Brothers

Get them a collection of mugs featuring Kirby, Princess Peach, and Pikachu. 

Can't get them to stop talking about Mario Kart? We love the idea of giving them matching Mario and Luigi mugs. 

You don't even have to put illustrations of specific characters on the mugs you give them. You can instead choose to create one mug that lists all the names of their favorite games. For the true video game aficionado, put pictures of different gaming consoles on the mug you'll design for them. 

We know they'll love drinking coffee out of it -- and thinking of you -- when they're on their tenth hour of gaming for the day. 

5. Make a Mug for Their LARP Character

Another delightfully nerdy design for cool coffee mugs guaranteed to make any geek smile? 

Create a mug that honors their live-action role playing (LARPing) character. Maybe they play as an elf, a warlock, or even a non-mythical creature like a healer. 

Often, those who are interested in the LARPing lifestyle wish they had more time to act as the dynamic characters they've created.

But since they can't exactly wear their elf ears to the office, designing a coffee mug with a picture of them dressed up in a LARP costume or a drawing referencing their character is sure to be greatly appreciated. 

Make sure you ask around and get the name of the character that they LARP under. Include is somewhere on the mug to create something special but subtle that honors their favorite hobby. 

6. Decorate Mugs with a Comic Book Hero

Whether the nerd you know has an obsession with Wonder Woman, Captain America, or Harley Quinn, trust us when we tell you there are few things they'd love more than a mug featuring the visage of their favorite comic book hero. 

You could even create a mug they can take to see the new  Avengers movie, or just show off to other people at their local comic book shop. 

We suggest combing through online fandoms or even picking up a copy of their favorite comic book yourself to get ideas for which images to feature. 

Learn their favorite characters' catchphrases, and be sure to feature them somewhere on the mug as well. 

Where Can You Create Unique Coffee Mugs for the Geek You Love? 

We hope this post has helped you to realize that there is certainly no shortage of awesome design options for creating unique coffee mugs that nerds and geeks of all kinds are sure to love. 

However, even the best design won't be able to shine as brightly as it could without high-quality mugs. 

That's where we come in. 

We offer a wide variety of mugs and other customizable products to choose from. Whether you want to gift the people you care about with   personalized tumblers, beach towels, or even phone cases, our design options make creating a gift easy. 

We even offer a satisfaction guarantee on our products. 

What are you waiting for? Start creating today, and make the geek in your life smile. 

Matt Annen
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