Personalized Gifts for Grandparents That They're Sure to Love

by Matt Annen March 25, 2019

Personalized Gifts for Grandparents That They're Sure to Love

Personalized Gifts for Grandparents That They're Sure to Love

A grandparent's love never grows old. Here are a few ideas for gifts for grandparents that they'll cherish for a lifetime.

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Are your grandparents’ birthdays coming up or is it nearing the holidays? Then you need some unique ideas as gifts to the people who helped raise you and shape your values.

A grandparent has about 5 to 6   grandchildren on average. If you have a big family, you’re going to have to compete with more cousins when it comes to the best gift.

Of course, it’s not a competition, but it’s still nice to come up with an idea that your grandparents will love.

It doesn’t have to be anything grand, but it should show that you care. One of the best ways to show this is to give personalized gifts for grandparents. They’ll show that you put in some effort and you considered their lifestyle.

Consider the following items you can customize.

1. Custom Printed Mugs

Mugs are great gift ideas for grandparents, whether they’re a   coffee lover  or not. You can go beyond mugs that say “World’s Best Grandpa” or “World’s Best Grandma,” though. Make it more personalized and touching by using your own designs.

A step forward is adding their name and a personalized message. Plus, you may also consider adding your name, as well, so they don’t forget who it came from. Print these on the mug to serve as a daily reminder of your love for them.

You can even add some graphics to make the mug look more beautiful. Companies specializing in this will often hand you free reign on the design, including the choice of fonts and colors.

However, you can take a step further and add some photos, too. It will act as a photo frame, except that it won’t stay on a shelf, making it a more practical choice of gift.

Use photos of them to make it all about them, but you can choose to add photos with you in it, as well. It could be a photo of a   cherished memory, like a vacation or your wedding. Having a reminder every day of this precious moment is something grandparents will appreciate.

2. Custom Travel Tumblers

Do your grandparents like traveling? If so, they may appreciate tumblers better, which will allow them to bring it anywhere they go.

Like with mugs, you have almost limitless creative freedom when it comes to the design. You may also use inspirational quotes or their favorite bible verses, for example. You can use something that will make sure they always start their mornings right.

Still, the best choice would be to use quality photos that will remind them of their happiest moments. If you use your pictures, it will be like you’re with them everywhere they go.

Tumblers have the added benefit of being able to insulate the drink, keeping it cold or hot for hours. Furthermore, they can always use it as a mug in the mornings and then take it out for their morning walk.

Tumblers are also often bigger than mugs. They offer you more real estate for pictures, messages, and dates.

3. Custom Shirts

A clothing item is always a safe gift, no matter the age of the recipient. If you’re hard-pressed for an easy yet thoughtful idea, a custom t-shirt then is the way to go.

The good thing about a t-shirt is that it has a large space where you can put anything in. It could be your grandpa’s catchphrase, your family crest, your family name, or even photos.

You can even take it further by gifting a customized shirt for every member of the family. You can give one to your kids, your sibling-in-law, and even you! Your grandparents will like matching shirts with each other or with the rest of the family, too.

There are numerous styles to choose from, and you can always customize each one to fit the recipient. There are even companies offering customizable lap t-shirt for babies.

When gifting custom shirts, though, make sure it’s of high-quality and will last a long time. You might also want to choose a neutral color, such as white or black, unless your family only has 1 favorite color or if you want to adhere to the current color scheme for the holiday.

4. Custom Photo Album Cover

In the digital era, one can store photos as soon as they capture it and then share it to the rest of the world. Before the internet, though, people had to store physical pictures in photo albums if they want to be able to look back at them and reminisce about the story of each photo.

Today, the practice still stands. However, films are almost extinct and people now print photos from digital files.

This is why photo albums are still great grandparent gift ideas. Take your grandparents back to when they were a little younger. Take them back a couple of decades before, when people had to develop films to store them and put them in albums.

Then, make it extra special by personalizing it with a monogram or some text (like their names) and a message. You can even use a photo offering a sneak peek of what’s inside.

You can even go ahead and fill the photo album with their most cherished memories. Surprise them with retouched (or even colorized) photos of them in their youth. Or, make them reminisce about their recent vacation.

As gifts for new grandparents, fill it with photos of their grandchild. Add something special, too, like a couple of footprints and some details about their birth. This can include the birth date, their weight, and such.

5. Custom Blankets

Winter nights can be pretty cold and upsetting for an adult with health issues stemming from old age. This is when a blanket gifted to them by a loved one will come in handy.

Furthermore, it’s not only for when they’re feeling cold, but it can also be a comfort for when they’re missing you. If you customize it with your photos, they’ll remember you every time they use it. It’s a great way to look back on happy moments as they get nice and cozy.

You can be as creative as you want, but you can also go for something as simple as a monogram. This will make the blanket only theirs to use and it will let the other family members know it’s grandpa’s or grandma’s.

Blankets have different sizes as well, allowing you to choose which one fits their needs best. A smaller one can be useful for traveling, a medium-sized one for their lounge chair by the fireplace, or a big one for sharing in their bed.

Depending on the supplier, you may also be able to choose a material for the best comfort. One thing you have to make sure, though, is that it’s machine-washable. You also have to ensure that the print won’t lose its quality after multiple washes.

6. Custom Canvas Print

Are the grandparents’ walls in the living room looking a bit bland? Add some spice to it with canvas prints showing photos of the family. If you’re wondering why not picture frames instead, it’s because canvas turns any photo into a work of art.

In a canvas print, an inkjet printer prints the image onto a canvas, which then stretches over a frame. This gives it a frameless border and 3D effects, in which the image continues on to the sides of the frame. This also gives the photo unrivaled focus, without fancy frames stealing the spotlight.

A simple hanged photo, on the other hand, is an image printed on to a photographic paper. It then goes inside a frame,   behind plexiglass. While the photos are safe from dirt with acrylic prints, canvas prints look more artistic.

This is because they exude the same feel as an acrylic or oil painting on a canvas. Do note, however, that you’ll have to use high-quality and clear photos to achieve this effect. Professional photos, such as in events, will work, but a photo captured using a phone camera may be better on another medium.

7. Custom Phone Cases

Smartphone ownership  by senior citizens continues to rise. This means their adoption and literacy of modern technology is getting better.

This is in part due to their desire to connect with their children and grandchildren. Smartphones can allow them to get updates via Facebook or to video call them via Skype or similar apps.

You can make it easy for them, though, to see their loved ones without opening various apps. You can do this by gifting them a   custom phone case  with the family’s pictures on it.

Aside from that, their phone will get the proper protection from scratches and dents. While you’re at it, give them a screen protector, as well, to make sure they don’t miss a day without connecting with their loved ones that a broken screen may hinder.

Take note of their phone’s model; you may also want to confirm if they’re getting a new one or not. If you or another family member is planning to get them a new phone, coordinate with them. Make sure their new gadget has the proper protection from day 1.

8. Custom Map Coasters

If you want something further from traditional gift items, why not a coaster? This is an especially great idea if your grandparents enjoy some drinks on the rocks from time to time. They’re also pretty useful for when they have guests over.

You can get a little creative, though, and get some customized coasters with a map of a city on them. You can get them to recreate a map of the neighborhood they’re living in when they put the coasters together.

Although they’re quite simple items, they can evoke nostalgia if you use a map of the town where they grew up. It could also be where your grandparents met, where they held their wedding ceremony, or other significant places in their lives.

National Geographic has a similar product, showing a topographic map of an area. Some vendors sell these as a set, showing an old map of the town when put together.

They may not be accurate for driving today, but they’re good for taking your grandparents back to the old times. Whenever they use it, they can get reminders of their lives in the past and reminisce about the happy memories they made in that place.

9. Custom Jewelry

If you want to give them something they can wear all day every day, custom jewelry fits the bill. A necklace for grandma, for example, can have a pendant with a photo on it or a pendant that spells out their name.

You can also buy a nameplate pendant, where the jeweler can engrave your grandparent’s name. As an alternative, you could also put a date significant to them. There are also bracelets with this option, and some rings can have names and dates inscribed on them, as well.

Of course, the dream is to be able to afford genuine gold jewelry, but the reality is that most of us can’t. Gold-plated jewelry is fine in this case, as you can make it last longer with proper care.

Silver jewelry  is also a good option, but you’d want sterling silver to make sure it will last. Those with silver plating can work if you have a tight budget, but note that they may not last longer than 20 years.

Even sterling silver will tarnish, though, so you have to make sure your grandparents know how to care for it. You may have to teach them how to clean it, but they can always have it cleaned by someone else.

The Perfect Gifts for Grandparents

In the end, the perfect gifts for grandparents are the ones that come from your heart. As long as you show them you love them, they’ll appreciate any gift you can give. If you want to demonstrate your love through personalized items, check out our selection of products today.

Don’t hesitate to   contact us  if you need further help.

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