Say Thank You to Your Crew: 25 Awesome Ideas for Wedding Party Gifts

January 10, 2019

Say Thank You to Your Crew: 25 Awesome Ideas for Wedding Party Gifts

Say Thank You to Your Crew: 25 Awesome Ideas for Wedding Party Gifts

Your special day is made even more special when friends and family surround you. Thank them with one of these 25 awesome ideas for wedding party gifts.

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There's nothing more magical than walking down the aisle to marry the love of your life. But, it is nice to know your love story is celebrated and supported by so many people who care about you and your partner.

Between all the family members who travel from far and wide to witness the event, the friends who've helped you plan it all, and those standing alongside you as you say your vows, there are many people worth appreciating on your big day. One of the best ways to say thank you to   your bridesmaids and groomsmen  is to have wedding party gifts waiting for them on the morning of.  

Here are some of the most amazing gifts you can get these special gals and guys!

Wedding Party Gifts for the Bridesmaids

Your bridesmaids are the women who know you best. They're the ladies that have seen every heartbreak before Mr. Right came along and the ones who are always there for you. They're the women who inspire you and support you. 

It's worth celebrating them as they gather to honor your moment. 

The following is a list of the 10 best bridesmaids gifts to consider getting them.

1. Personalized Cups and Glasses 

There's bound to be a lot of toasts being made while you're getting ready for the wedding and talking about the good old days. Make sure no one mixes up their glasses by having personalized cups and mugs ready for everyone.

These are cute, simple gifts that your go-to gals will love. They're definitely going to use these glasses over and over after your wedding day. 

2. Carry-on Cocktail Kits

For the bridesmaids who have long flights to and from your wedding, a   carry-on cocktail  kit is a must. This will amp up the excitement for the wedding before they even arrive. It can also help them gear up to go back to reality once all the festivities have ended. 

3. Unique Tote Bags

Whether your bridesmaids are coming from across the country or they live locally, make sure you get everyone a custom tote bag. Remember, you're going to have a handful of ladies all trying to look their best in one place.

There's no telling how many makeup bags, hair styling tools, and emergency beauty items everyone will bring. Having totes ready for them will keep your space organized and de-cluttered, which you'll appreciate when you're looking through the getting ready pictures. 

4. Makeup Cases

Speaking of the various items your bridesmaids will bring to get ready, see if you can find cute makeup cases for everyone, too. These go hand in hand with custom tote bags, and they're sure to be a big hit with all the ladies.

You can put a cute wedding pun on all the makeup cases, monogram them with everyone's initials, or put their full name on the bags. Whatever you do, they're sure to appreciate this bridesmaids gift more than you think.

5. Bride Tribe T-shirts

If you didn't already get this gift for the bachelorette party, make sure you have it ready for the wedding. Everyone loves a good t-shirt. But, t-shirts are even better when they remind you of a special memory--like your best friend's wedding day!

Plus, this is an easy gift to order for all your close friends if you don't want to worry about customizing every item. All your bridesmaids are sure to swoon over the shirts even if they all come in the same design.

6. Cozy Robes

Cozy robes are another item that you don't have to go crazy customizing. Not to mention, they're super practical!

It only takes one bridesmaid ruining her hair or makeup to throw everyone off schedule. When everyone dresses and undresses using robes, they're more likely to maintain their styled look without messing it up. This means you can get on with your big day without having to scramble to make sure everyone's dressed!

7. Custom Jewelry 

Although it's your wedding, it is a special honor for your bridesmaids to be standing beside you. Give them something they can wear to the ceremony and for many special events after by ordering custom jewelry. This is also a great way to make all your bridesmaids' outfits feel a little more personal and unique. 

8. Jewelry Dishes

If you're going to buy custom jewelry, you may as well get a dish to go for it! Every fashionable female needs a nice jewelry dish.

This is where she can place all of her favorite big earrings and put her rings   away for safekeeping. Make sure your bridesmaids have something special to remember your wedding with by giving them their own personalized dish.

9. Dance-Appropriate Shoes

As much as your bridesmaids may be excited to dance the night away, you can't expect them to do so in heels! If you're not telling everyone to come with dance-appropriate shoes on, it's on you to be prepared. 

You can choose whether these shoes are a standard pair of flip-flops, cute flats, or cool sneakers. Just remember, friends don't make friends dance for hours on end in heels.

10. Photos from the Big Day

The final custom wedding gift to give your bridesmaids isn't a day-of type of gift. Instead, it's a thank-you gift you can send your special ladies after they've done their wedding party duties. 

You're going to take a lot of group photos and individual selfies as the day goes by. Make it a point to save a photo you've taken with each of your bridesmaids and   print it out. Then, send it off as one last special gift.

Wedding Party Gifts for the Groomsmen

The easiest part of buying personalized bridesmaid gifts is that you can just ask yourself what you'd like to get from a bride to be if you were in their shoes. Groomsmen, on the other hand, are a little harder to figure out. Make it a point to sit down with your man and talk about what his buddies may want as wedding gifts.

If you're having trouble coming up with ideas, consider the options listed below.

11. Cufflinks

Every well-dressed man has a pair of custom cufflinks. These small pieces make such a big difference in the look and feel of a suit.

If you want your groomsmen to feel like a million bucks at the wedding reception, have custom cufflinks ready for them when the big day arrives. You can customize cufflinks with their initials or maybe the school logo of where they all studied together.

12. Suit Accessory Kits

Have a feeling someone is going to forget their tie? Want every single detail of the groomsmen outfits to match? The best way to ensure that everything goes as planned is to prepare to suit accessory kits for everyone. 

These are small, personalized boxes where you can place their ties, socks, and pocket squares. You can also fit suspenders and custom cufflinks in a suit accessory kit. 

13. Grooming Kits

Maybe it's not so much the suits you're worried about as it is the men's beards and hair. To encourage the groomsmen to put a little extra effort in their personal appearance, get them all a grooming kit.

This is a wonderful wedding party gift for the man who has a huge beard and the guy who's always rocking a man-bun, too. You can even go the extra step to get different kinds of kits for groomsmen with various levels of facial hair.

14. Duffle Bags

This wedding gift is sure to come in handy on the wedding day and many times afterward. Every guy loves a good, dependable duffle bag. It's the classy alternative to the average gym bag that men can take on flights and to the locker room when preparing for big parties like yours.

15. Special Snacks

Men get cranky when they're hungry, and most men aren't used to taking hours to get ready like girls are. Have snacks ready to keep the groomsmen   happy and occupied  while you and your ladies prepare. 

Don't get them any old snacks, either. 

Lay out special snacks like bourbon-coated nuts, chocolate-covered bacon, and gourmet popcorn. Maybe ask the wedding venue to prepare wings or order a few boxes of pizza and beer. The groom's side of the wedding party will really appreciate this.

16. Cool Cigars

What's better than distracting men with food?

Giving them a few cigars to keep them busy!

If your man is a cigar enthusiast, have a cigar prepared for each of his groomsmen. This is a great way for all of them to enjoy themselves either while getting ready or during the reception.

17. Personalized Flasks

Personalized flasks also make great gifts for groomsmen.

These don't have to be super fancy, either. An average-sized flask with each man's name or initial is sure to get your point across. They're a fun way to say thank you and encourage everyone to enjoy themselves on your big day.

18. Nice Drink Glasses

If you want to give the groomsmen a classy gift they can take home, purchase sets of drink glasses. Even if they don't seem like the type to drink old fashions all the time, they'll appreciate the gesture. Not to mention, they'll be glad to have something nice when hosting their parents or a special friend.

19. Custom Bottle Openers 

How many times have you been at a tailgate with one of the groomsmen or over at their house helping them look for a bottle opener? Probably more times than you can count. Make sure they never have this problem again by gifting them a custom bottle opener as a thank you for being part of the wedding.

20. Swiss Army Knives

This is one of the more unique items on the list, but it's still sure to be a crowd-pleaser among the guys in your group. Every guy can appreciate having a Swiss Army knife, especially if it's a nice one. Whether he uses it or all the time or just every once in a while, he's sure to think of your wedding when he does.

Wedding Party Gifts for All

Here's an interesting thought: why not get everyone in your wedding party the same gift? This minimizes all the different orders you have to keep track of, and it ensures everyone feels the same level of appreciation. 

Some of the best wedding party gifts for guys and girls are:

21. Individualized Apparel

Instead of ordering "Bride Tribe" t-shirts, think of something that both the guys and girls can wear. Maybe you make t-shirts with your wedding hashtag on them or maybe you put everyone's name on the back of the shirts. 

Keep in mind you don't have to go with t-shirts, though. Hats and jackets also make a great choice and depending on where you're getting married, they can tie in with your theme!

22. Mini Bluetooth Speakers

Your wedding may be all about the love you share with your partner, but for everyone else, it's an excuse to party. Keep the party going from the lockerrooms to the hotel with mini Bluetooth speakers for the entire wedding party to enjoy.

23. Phone Cases

With so many people in one place, it can be hard for everyone to keep track of their phone. Make it a little easier for your wedding party by ordering   custom phone cases. This will help your bridesmaids and groomsmen find their phones quickly when they want to capture a special moment. 

24. Blankets

Although your wedding party won't get much use out of   a blanket  on the big day, they'll definitely appreciate having one the next morning. There's nothing like curling up in a cozy blanket after a long night of partying.

Plus, if you have the kind of friend group in which there's no telling where everyone's going to end up in the morning, at least you can trust they'll have a blanket wherever they are.

25. A Post-Wedding Recovery Kit 

Speaking of the morning after the wedding, have you thought about getting everyone a post-wedding recovery kit? Something as simple as a mini bottle of aspirin and cheap sunglasses can go a long way. A gift card for coffee or breakfast wouldn't hurt, either! 

Order Your Custom Gifts Today! 

Already know what kind of robes you want your bridesmaids to wear when getting ready? Wondering what kind of cigars you should get the boys? 

Whether you're planning to order custom apparel or get personalized cups for everyone to drink out of on the big day, you should order your wedding party gifts sooner rather than later.

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