The 12 Best Love Quotes to Put On a Valentine's Day Mug

by Matt Annen January 29, 2019

The 12 Best Love Quotes to Put On a Valentine's Day Mug

The 12 Best Love Quotes to Put On a Valentine's Day Mug

If you're giving someone a mug for Valentine's day, you need to put a love quote on it. Read on to learn about the best love quotes for Valentine's day.

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It’s a known fact that most people love coffee or tea at least. So, for Valentine’s Day, why not give your partner something they will see every day? An   embroidered mug.

It’s something personal, they’ll think of you every time they use it, and it will set their morning off right. It has a longer shelf life than chocolate or flowers anyway but now that you’ve chosen this you have another problem. What are you going to have written on it?

You could just have their name put on it but that’s a little plain. Here are a few of the best love quotes that you could have embroidered on the mug instead.  

1. “There is Only One Happiness in Life: to Love and Be Loved.”

~ George

There really is no greater joy in life than to tell someone you love them and receive the same three beautiful words back. In fact, you can probably go through any hardship and life, but reminding yourself that there is someone that exists who loves you can carry you through it. If you have a partner who shows you this life-changing love, tell them about it on a mug. 

2. “Lovers don’t Finally Meet Somewhere. They’re in Each Other All Along.”

~ Rumi 

If you don't believe in destiny or your partner doesn't, this might not be the quote you'll want to put on the mug but the basic idea is that you just don't pop into your future lover on the street somewhere. It was predetermined all along that you would meet and eventually fall for each other. 

3. “Your Flaws are Perfect for the Heart that’s Meant to Love You.”

~ Trent Shelton

Someone can't truly love you if they don't love all of you, that includes all of your flaws. If someone can't appreciate or accept all of you, then you should probably not be with that person. Having it put on the mug tells your partner that you do accept all of them. 

4. “You Know You’re in Love When You Can’t Fall Asleep because Reality is Finally Better than Your Dreams.”

~ Dr. Seuss

This is a more creative and romantic way of saying that you can't fall asleep at night because you can't stop thinking about your partner. It's a cute idea for a mug because of this and because well, you can't really go wrong with Dr. Seuss. 

5. "Love Grows More Tremendously Full, Swift, Poignant, as the Years Multiply."

~ Zane Grey 

This one might be good on a mug if you've been married to your partner for a while. It basically means as the years go on, your love just gets stronger and stronger. 

6. “Love is what You’ve Been Through with Somebody.”

~ James Thurber 

Have you been through a lot with the person that you love? Both good and bad things? Then you can express that by putting this quote on the mug.

Love is all about the experiences you have with each other. It's about creating wonderful and horrible memories alike. 

7. "I Love Being Married. It’s so Great to Find One Special Person You want to Annoy for the Rest of Your Life.”

~ Rita Rudner

This is funny because it's true. You can't love someone without driving them at least a little batty on a daily basis. Couples pick on each other, they annoy each other but when it comes down to it, they also love each other dearly.

This is good if you want to put a humorous quote on the mug that also has a deeper meaning. 

8. "We Simply Can't Abandon Ship Every Time We Encounter a Storm. Real Love is About Weathering the Terms of Life Together."

~ Seth Adam Smith

It's easy just to call it quits whenever unfortunate things happen, but that's not what marriage is about. It's about standing through the storm. This is a good quote to put on a mug if you and your partner have been through a lot during the year or years and you want to show them that your   love is still standing strong

9. "Whatever Souls are Made of, His and Mine are the Same."

~ Emily Bronte

During wedding ceremonies or even your own, you probably heard it referred to the joining of two souls. You're not the same person obviously, but in a metaphorical sense, your souls are one. A good quote rather your love is fresh or old. 

10. "Love is Just a Word Until Someone Comes Along and Gives it Meaning."

~ Paulo Coelho

People throw the word love around in an almost whimsical manner which sort of sucks the meaning out of it in a sense. It's a strong word yes, but it's still only a word until you meet someone who causes you to actually feel it. 

11. "All You Need is Love. But a Little Chocolate Now and Then Doesn't Hurt."

~ Charles M. Schulz

Another humorous quote which could mean telling someone you love them is great and all but   showing it with actions  is even better. In this case, the way to your partner's heart is with a box of chocolates. If you want to be really witty, fill the mug with chocolate before you give it to them. 

12. "There is Never a Time or Place for True Love. It Happens Accidentally, in a Heartbeat, in a Single Flashing, Throbbing Moment."

~ Sarah Dessen

You never plan to fall in love with someone, it just sort of happens one day on accident. You bump into someone, have a quick conversation and all of a sudden you know. If you met your love on in this sort of unexpectant way, this could be a great quote to put on a mug!  

Best Love Quotes to Make a Valentine's Mug More than Just a Mug 

Things like chocolate and flowers are a great way to express love, but they are more fleeting than giving your loved one something they can look at every day. That's why a coffee mug is perfect because they will see it every morning. Use some of these best love quotes to set your loved one's day off right. 

Valentine's Day is right around the corner but you still have time! Go here to get started with ordering a   custom mug  for your loved one! 

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