Time to Clock Out: 15 Fantastic Farewell Gift Ideas for Your Coworkers

by Matt Annen March 19, 2019

Time to Clock Out: 15 Fantastic Farewell Gift Ideas for Your Coworkers

Time to Clock Out: 15 Fantastic Farewell Gifts for Coworkers

After working together for a few years, your coworkers can become like a second family. Here are 15 goodbye gifts for coworkers that they're sure to love.

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Because you've worked in close contact together 40 hours a week for the last several years, you and your co-worker have become fairly good friends. Unfortunately for you, and (perhaps) fortunately for your co-worker, he or she is moving on to greener pastures and is leaving his or her old job behind. 

While you could just let him or her leave quietly and move on like nothing ever happened, you also have the option to celebrate the occasion. In other words, you can give him or her a proper farewell. There are a number of ways to do this, but one of the best ways is with a gift. 

Do you need help choosing a farewell gift for your co-worker? Then read on! We're going to discuss 15 of the top gifts for coworkers. 

The Best Gifts for Coworkers 

While any gift that you get for your departing co-worker would likely be received with open arms, some gifts would likely be more well-received than others. That being said, here are the absolute best gifts for coworkers. 

1. Customized Blanket

Whether your co-worker is leaving due to retirement or due to the fact that he or she is starting another job, he or she could use a little rest. After all, it's always a good idea to recharge the batteries before throwing one's self back into the rat race. 

Why not help your co-worker get the rest that he or she deserves by gifting him or her a blanket? There are all types of blankets you could buy your co-worker, but if you want the blanket to be special, you should have it customized. You can customize blankets with essentially any image you want, allowing you to make one which suits the personal preferences of your co-worker. 

Does your co-worker have a pet at home? Customize the blanket with a picture of that pet. 

Does your co-worker enjoy a specific TV show? You can customize the blanket to display the logo from that TV show. 

Regardless of what your co-worker enjoys, you should be able to come up with a   fun customized blanket  idea. The options are essentially endless. 

2. Potted Plant

Does your co-worker like to decorate his or her home or desk with quirky little trinkets? If so, you could contribute to the decorating effort by gifting him or her a potted plant. There are a wide   variety of potted plants  available for purchase, each of which carries its very own aesthetic characteristics, and is capable of providing its very own unique atmosphere. 

These days, succulents, in particular, are quite popular. These plants don't have to be watered often, and can usually thrive through months of existence with only minimal amounts of care. 

However, the whole buffet of plant life is available to you. Other plants to consider are cacti, fig trees, and, of course, flowers. 

Regardless of what you choose, your co-worker is almost certain to appreciate the thought. And that, of course, is what matters most. 

3. Gift Basket 

One of the most common gifts to give a departing co-worker is a gift basket. The reason for this? Because gift baskets are almost always well-received. 

These days, there are all   types of gift baskets  available, from fruit baskets to candy baskets to peanut baskets to mixed baskets and a number of others. So, regardless of what your co-worker prefers, you should be able to find something appropriate. 

Or, if you wish, you could even make the gift basket on your own. Bake a few cookies, buy some fruit, and throw it all together to create an entirely unique gift for your co-worker. As long as the contents are tasty or useful, it's sure to be accepted with glee. 

4. Personalized Mug 

Does your co-worker like to drink coffee? If so, he or she most likely has a collection of mugs at home. Why not contribute to this collection of mugs by gifting him or her a mug of your own. 

Though you can buy all types of coffee mugs online and at stores, a better option might be to   personalize a mug.  By personalizing a coffee mug for your co-worker, you can ensure that he or she is getting a design that he or she enjoys. 

You can put essentially any image you want on a personalized coffee mug. Some image ideas you might consider include pets, inside jokes, and popular quotes. 

5. Personalized Drink Tumbler 

Perhaps your co-worker isn't into coffee, but does regularly enjoy beverages such as energy drinks, water, or pop? If so, you could opt to gift him or her a drink tumbler instead of a coffee mug. 

Though there are all types of drink tumblers on the market for you to buy, a personalized drink tumbler might be the better choice for a farewell gift. This is particularly true if you and your co-worker are especially close. 

Like personalized coffee mugs, personalized drink tumblers can be covered in a range of different images. Think of something that your co-worker enjoys and find an image which relates to that something. The result will almost undoubtedly tickle your co-worker's fancy. 

6. Champagne 

It doesn't matter whether your co-worker is departing due to retirement or because he or she is moving onto another job, it is a cause for celebration. There are all sorts of ways to help your co-worker celebrate, but one of the best ways is with a bit of alcohol. 

If your co-worker likes to drink, you could consider gifting him or her a bottle of celebratory champagne. Of course, if your co-worker is more into e, beer, or some other type of beverage, those are solid options as well. 

If you really want to celebrate with your co-worker, you two could hit up a bar and have a few drinks together. For some individuals, this sort of experience can be a lot more fulfilling than a simple gift. 

7. Baked Goods 

Are you an accomplished baker? Does your departing co-worker like cookies, cake, or some other type of treat? If so, you should consider baking something for your co-worker. 

As long as you make something that he or she likes, you can guarantee that it will be well-received. Think about it: would you be unhappy to receive a sweet food that you enjoy? The answer is obviously no; In fact, you'd probably be overjoyed. 

If you're not experienced enough in the art of baking to make a treat on your own, you could also just stop by a local bakery and buy something. Cinnamon rolls, donuts, cheesecake, and a variety of other baked goods will all be available to you. 

8. Customized Beach Towel 

There's no better way for a person to celebrate the departing of a job than to take a nice vacation. A week spent at the beach would be a great way for your co-worker to recharge his or her batteries, allowing him or her to step into the next phase of life with a rejuvenated spirit. 

Want to help your co-work celebrate such a vacation? If so, you could buy your co-worker something vacation-related. One option you might consider is a  customized beach towel.

There are all sorts of designs you can put on a beach towel, including celebratory quotes, funny phrases, pictures of things your co-worker likes, and more. You know your co-worker better than we do, so just use your knowledge and shared experience to create the best and most entertaining beach towel you can muster. 

9. Gift Card 

Not sure of what exactly you should get your co-worker? If not, there's no shame in buying him or her a gift card. After all, no one becomes disappointed after receiving free money. 

Just about every retail establishment in existence offers gift cards. Your only responsibility is to find a retail establishment that your co-worker enjoys. 

For instance, if you think your co-worker would be interested in a personalized item but are not sure of what item your co-worker would like, you could just give him or her a gift card instead. 

10. Watch 

Does your co-worker like to wear watches? Do you think your co-worker would like to start wearing watches? If so, you can help add to his or her collection by gifting one. 

A watch will not only enhance your co-worker's style, but it will also act as a sentimental gift which evokes memories of the time you two spent together. In this sense, it's the type of gift that very close friends or colleagues give to one another. 

You shouldn't have much trouble finding an appropriate watch for your co-worker. They're available at a range of price points and can be found everywhere from shopping malls to online retail sites and more. 

11. Meaningful Canvas Prints 

Another one of many farewell gift ideas for your co-worker is a meaningful canvas print. Custom canvas prints can be made to display any picture you wish, providing your co-worker with a cherished memory that he or she can post on his or her wall in an attractive manner. 

Maybe you have a picture of your co-worker at a work convention? Perhaps you have a picture of you, your co-worker, and some fellow co-workers at a bar after work? Whatever the case may be, gifting your co-worker a relevant canvas print could be a great and meaningful way to send him or her off.  

12. Bath Bombs 

Leaving a job is a big moment in life. Upon departing, your co-worker would do well to take a little time off and relax. Staying home for a few days, taking a vacation to a distant location, or just soaking in a bath are all great ways for your co-worker to rejuvenate him or herself. 

Want to assist in this rejuvenation process? Why not do so by buying your co-worker something like a set of bath bombs? This is a gift that will enhance your co-worker's relaxation time, helping him or her to let off some steam. 

13. Fun Desk Games 

Is your co-worker leaving his or her current job to take on another job elsewhere? If so, you might want to help he or she make that transition by gifting some fun desk games. 

There are   all types of desk games  available, from desktop golf to desktop basketball and much more. These gifts might not be hugely meaningful, but they can be useful in helping your co-worker to pass the time during breaks. In essence, they are some of the best office gift ideas. 

14. Personalized Phone Case 

Another gift you might consider giving to your co-worker is a phone case. While it might not have any huge meaning as it pertains to your relationship with your departing co-worker, it would still be useful. After all, everyone has a phone, and it's never a bad idea to cover one with a case. 

While there are all types of cases available on the market, your best bet might be to order a personalized one. You can   personalize a phone  case with a wide variety of designs, from your co-worker's initials to a personal photo to a customized design and more. 

15. Desk Knick-knacks 

One last gift you might consider buying for your departing co-worker is a desk knick-knack. While desk knick-knacks don't serve any real functional purpose, they can do a lot to gussy up the look and atmosphere of a desk. If your co-worker is into placing knick-knacks on his or her desk, your gift is almost sure to be well-received. 

There is no limit to the number of   desk knick-knacks on the market  today. All you have to do is search online and you should be able to find something appropriate for your departing co-worker. 

Interested in Buying a Personalized Gift?

If you're reading this blog post, it's likely because you're looking for gifts for coworkers. If so, and if you're interested in buying personalized gifts, you're in the right place. 

CustomEnvy makes personalized gifts of all kinds, including beach towels, blankets, coffee mugs, and more. Not sure what type of personalized gift your co-worker would prefer?   Buy a gift card  instead! 

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