November 08, 2018

Top 13 Unique Personalized Gifts to Give Loved Ones This Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and you're going to have start shopping for gifts. Here are 13 unique personalized gifts you should get for your loved ones.

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As great as the holidays are, they can also get pretty stressful if you don't start planning your celebrations ahead of time. The last thing you want is to double book yourself and have to choose between events or forget to hire a babysitter.

Most importantly, you don't want to find yourself running around the mall on Christmas Eve! The best way to avoid this is to start shopping for Christmas gifts well ahead of time. This allows you to give everyone the special, heartfelt gifts they deserve without stressing yourself out.

It's even more important to   start shopping early  if you're hoping to get everyone special gifts this year. You want to think long and hard about which unique personalized gifts are right for each member of your family and close friend group.

To start gathering a few awesome gift ideas, consider the unique options below.

1. A One-of-a-Kind Phone Case

Everyone could use a   custom phone case  in their life. This makes it much easier to pick your phone out of a pile or to keep track of a phone if you're prone to losing it. Giving this to someone you care about means you're helping them keep track of their phone at all times, and protect it too.

Not to mention, it's a gift you can have a lot of fun with!

Designing a custom phone case gives you many opportunities to encourage your creative side. You can opt for a geometric design, use funky colors and shapes, or write a heartfelt, motivating message. You can place a symbol on the phone case that you know your loved one would appreciate or use this as a canvas for a photo of you two! You can even add a contact number inside of the case in case they lose it and someone else picks it up.

These are only a few of the many, many options available. However, there are some important details to keep in mind when picking out a custom phone case.

You want to make sure you're choosing the right phone case to fit your friend's phone. If you're buying this for a family member who may be getting a new phone from someone else in the family, communicate with their mom/dad before you place your order.

2. A Custom Tumbler

Up next on the list is a   custom tumbler.

This is ideal for the friend or family member who's always on the go. It's a great gift for the studious college student or the hardworking adult in your life. This makes a thoughtful gift for close friends and it's appropriate for coworkers and acquaintances, too.

The trick to giving a custom tumbler for Christmas is to customize it just right. You can't go wrong using team logos for sports fans or college colors for students. It's also smart to put a classic pattern on a tumbler like spots or stripes.

To be even more personal with this gift, you can write a quote on the tumbler that suits your friend's or family member's personality. If they have a big event coming up - like a wedding, birthday, or graduation - use a quote that celebrates that occasion.

Or, take your gift one step further and pair a custom tumbler with unique drink ideas. Since tumblers are great for hot and cold drinks, you can have fun creating a mix of different drink recipes.

This is a great way to upgrade your loved one's morning coffee or tea beverage without having to buy a bunch of different ingredients for them. It's also a fun trick to use if you want to share delicious adult beverage ideas!

3. A Set of Custom Mugs

As great as it is to have a tumbler when you need it, you can never have too many mugs. Mugs are the more personal, heartfelt option of the two. These are ideal for the person who loves to relax and practice self-care. They're also good for the loved one in your life who could use a reminder to do more of that.

Seriously, having a mug you love is like having a constant invitation to sit back and relax. It makes a person want to brew a nice cup of tea at night or carve out a little extra time in the morning to actually enjoy their coffee.

Giving someone   a set of custom mugs  will not only be something they love, but it's something that they'll be able to use to benefit their everyday life! Before they know it, your loved one will be using your mug more and more. Enjoying their coffee/tea time will gives them the ideal opportunity to unwind.

A set of mugs is even better. It invites your loved one to share such quiet, peaceful moments with someone they love, which   spreads the spirit of the season  even more.

4. A Unique Blanket

Speaking of unwinding, nothing says "it's time to take a load off" like curling up in a cozy blanket. This is something every home should have.

It's the perfect Christmas gift for the friend who moved back to town or the family member who's about to retire. A   custom cozy blanket  also works as a good gift for the coworker who's always freezing in the office or the sibling who's about to go off to college.

Think of it this way: the answer is always "yes" when you're debating whether to get someone a custom blanket! This will be a gift they use more often than you think. Having a soft new blanket is the perfect excuse to curl up and watch a movie. It's also a good thing to have when pulling an all-nighter in the library or when reading a book before bed.

Blankets are like a hug you can wear. Gifting them to someone means you're always there to comfort them even if you're not physically right next to them. They'll think of you every time they use their blanket, which is sure to be a whole lot.

5. A Personalized Travel Mug

Last but not least, a   personalized travel mug!

This is a smart gift to order when you're traveling to see family for the holidays and need presents that are small, yet thoughtful. It also works great vice versa when you're the host who has people coming in from all over.

More than that, it's a gift that makes traveling easier all year 'round. Your dad will appreciate having a piece of home with him while he's away on business. Your little sister will like having a simple way to carry her morning coffee with her to class without it weighing down her bag the rest of the day. Your mom will think of you when she's sitting on the back porch using it, too.

The bottom line is whoever you give this gift to is sure to appreciate it more than you think. They'll use it frequently and think of you fondly as they sip their drink of choice.

If you want to guarantee that you'll always come to mind, make sure you put a picture of yourself and this person on the mug! You have all kinds of options to customize this cool gift. Take your time scrolling through all the design ideas and look for the best photos and/or sayings to put on the mug.

You may want to be funny, sentimental, or write a message that's   somewhere in between. This could be your chance to display some embarrassing yet funny images of you and your loved one or reflect on the memories you've shared together. No matter what design approach you take, though, it's bound to turn out as a beautiful gift.

Get All the Unique Personalized Gifts You Need This Christmas!

You can read about all the unique personalized gifts you want. But, it's still up to you to find the right gifts for the right people in your life. Take your time to consider each of the options mentioned above and what they may mean to all your loved ones.

Once you've decided what item you're giving everyone in your family/friend group, go through the customization process slowly. You want to create the best designs possible, which requires a bit of patience and a lot of creativity.

Challenge yourself to think outside the box and remember to avoid being repetitive with the gifts you give. If you're looking for more customization ideas for holiday gifts this year,   click here!

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