Top 6 Adorable DIY Phone Case Designs

by Matt Annen September 11, 2018

Top 6 Adorable DIY Phone Case Designs

Top 6 Adorable DIY Phone Case Designs

Looking for some inspiration? Express yourself and your unique personality with a creative, custom phone case. Here we give you 6 adorable phone case design ideas you can recreate yourself.

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Have you been searching for the perfect phone case and having no luck? The cell phone case market in the US is a   $12,934.4 million dollar industry. Most of these cases are standardized and mass produced.

The majority look generic and plain. That doesn't help you when you want a one of a kind. Or are looking for a specific design.

We are going to give you 6 creative DIY phone case ideas. Use them to get started creating your own custom phone case.

1. Custom Photo

Have the ultimate in custom cases by having one of your own pictures on your case. Choose a picture of your family, pets, or anything else.

Using an online service you can   custom design  the number of pictures and placement. You could have one that covers the entire case. Or you could choose a couple and have a mosaic design.

Add Something Extra

Once you decide on your pictures, custom text. You can customize the colors and font to match the style of your photo. Add a monogram, important date, or inspirational quote.

2. Accent With Bling

Start with a custom case with a unique design. You could choose a bold pattern like stripes or geometric. Or find a picture of woodgrain and order the photo case we mentioned earlier.

Go to your local craft store and pick out some jewelry charms. Look for ones with a flat back. Decorate the phone case with your charms.

Glue the charms  to the case and let them dry well. By selecting your own case and charms you can make the case a representation of your interests.

3. Hot Glue Case

Have you wanted to know how to make your own phone case from scratch? Well, hot glue is the method for you. Start by wrapping your phone in parchment paper and taping it in place.

Place the wrapped phone on another piece of parchment paper. Start by tracing the outside of the phone with hot glue. Then create a design across the back of the phone.

Need help coming up with a design, try   one of these. Connect the back design to your original outline by creating sidewalls. Be sure to leave holes for the control buttons.

Once the glue cools you can remove it and the paper from your phone. You now have a DIY cell phone case ready to put back on your phone.

Word of Warning

Hot glue does not provide the same level of protection as traditional phone cases. While it is different, it will not prevent your phone from scratches or shock.

The cases we provide for customization   protect against shock  and scratches. they have a raised front lip for screen protection. Depending on the case, you'll have one or two layers of TPU plastic protection.

4. 3D Paint

Give your phone case with text a unique look with 3D paint. Start with a clear phone case,   fabric or 3D paint, and a stencil.

You can either find a template or freehand your phrase. Get creative with delicate and soft or large and bold font.

Tape your template to the inside of the case. Then trace the design with your paint. Remove the template and let it dry.

An Easier Way

Feeling a little lost when it comes to creating the design? Try a case with the design already printed on it.

A service like CustomEnvy guides you in   designing your own custom case. You pick your phrase, the font, color, size, and location.

Once you get your new case, use the 3D paint to go over the text. You can even freehand with some hearts, stars, or other shapes.

5. Glitter

Glitter cases are popular these days, but you don't need to go out and buy a new case to have one. Start with using an old case that you don't like anymore.

It is going to get   covered in glitter  so don't worry if it is a color. Start by cleaning the case with soapy water to get rid of any dirt or grime.

You will need an all in one glue sealer, glitter, a foam brush, and a mixing bowl. It is best to use a disposable bowl.

Mix a small amount of glue and glitter in the bowl. You've added too much glitter if it becomes hard to stir. Add enough glitter that you can see it, but not so much that it becomes difficult to paint with.

Paint thin layers over the entire case allowing each layer to dry before the next one. Once you have done enough layers that you can no longer see the case underneath, you are done.

Shake the case to knock any loose glitter off. You may need to do some touch ups where too much glitter falls off.

Skip the Work and Mess

Love the look of a glitter DIY cell phone case but don't want to deal with the mess? Get a phone with the glitter design.

Find a stock picture of glitter by searching google. Pick the color and style of glitter that you like.

Then use a   custom phone case service  to order a case with your glitter picture. The realistic detail will give you the look and beauty of glitter without the mess.

6. Paper Inserts

Add some flair to your case with insertable paper templates. Start with a clear case that offers the protection you need for your phone.

Trace your case on a piece of plain paper. Then color your design within the outline. Cut it out, and slide it in the case.

Don't feel like coloring your own design? Trace your case on a piece of   patterned paper.

Make It Fancier

Use a case that has a design printed on it. Maybe it has a bold font or a cute picture of a   unicorn on a doughnut. This lets you give your case a whole new look with a simple change of an insert.

Diy Phone Case

Your next DIY phone case can have a sentimental feel with a personalized photo of your loved ones. If you have a case that just needs a little some extra, try some bling.

Give your case a 3D look with fabric paint. Use it to trace a font or create a design. For a really fancy case, go with glitter.

Whatever you choose, going with a custom case is the sure fire way to have a case unique to you. Make it match your style and personality.

Start designing your   custom phone case  today.

Matt Annen
Matt Annen

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