September 03, 2018

What This Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Case Says About Its Owner

If you're not an Apple person and prefer the Samsung Galaxy S9 plus, you know how to live by the beat of your own drum. You are not sheep. Your phone case should reflect that. Here we look at 5 popular Galaxy S9 Plus cases and break down what they say about their owner's personality.

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While your Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus case comes with all of the latest bells and whistles, it'll still lose in a contest with the floor. To protect that $700 to $900 investment, you've probably purchased in a case. But what does your choice of cases say about you?

A phone case represents a window to your soul. Find out your real identity as we decipher what your Samsung Galaxy S9 case says about you.

1. What a Clear S9 Plus Case Says About You

If you're sporting a clear case, that makes you well-adjusted with nothing to hide. Right? Are you an open book?


People see your clear case, and it looks perfectly innocent. Maybe even a little naive. But that's what you want everyone to think.

You're definitely hiding something. Whether it's dressing up like your favorite Westworld character for weekend romps with the neighbor or drinking orange juice straight from the carton, you've got your secrets. Why not come out with it already?

2. What a Battery Pack Case Says About You

Always multi-tasking, I see? You're so busy, you don't even have time to charge your phone, hence the handy case. You cling obsessively to your phone unwilling to part with it for even the hour or so it would take to replenish at a charging station.

What have you been up to? Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, texts, calls, Snapchat? Busy, busy, busy.

Besides the multitasking, you're also important. Very important. Part of a machine so well-oiled that if you miss that call in the bathroom or on public transit, the world just may cease to exist.

(You make sure we all know this by talking REALLY LOUD when you do pick up that phone.) So, keep charging and keep talking! Unplugging is for lesser people.

3. What a Glitter Case Says About You

So, your case is filled with liquid and sparkles and glitter? And you're transfixed by the way it flows and ebbs every time you move it? You probably need to take more vacations.

You've basically replaced a stress ball with something much cuter and sweeter. But it remains a way to distract yourself from the larger problems in life, like who left the toilet seat up. Come on, you already know...

You're likable and friendly and care about what others think. No wonder you're so darn stressed out! Maybe you should consider   enrolling in a yoga class.

Why? Because one of these days, your liquid case may just crack, and the solace of its tidal glitter pools will ebb away. Then, we're all in for it unless you can figure out how to breathe through that Hulk-like rage fluttering just beneath the surface.

4. What a Case Decorated in Stickers Says About You

In a nutshell, you have way too much free time. You're basically DIYing your way through life. What does this prove?

Two things. You've got more time than the guys and gals sporting the battery cases. Two, more than likely, you're still in high school or wish you were.

Of course, exceptions to the rule always exist, and I must say, they're pretty fascinating when it comes to stickers and phone cases.

For example, what if you've covered your battery case in stickers? Then, you've probably also given your phone a name--both signs you're losing touch with reality. Time to pick up a healthy, "unplugged" hobby like badminton or croquet before it's too late.

What if you've covered your clear case in stickers? Then, you're trying to hide the fact that you're trying to hide something. Well-played! You should probably start speaking Minion and trying to hook up with villains now because you're a baddie, and we all know it.

Last but not least, what if you've covered your glitter phone in stickers? You're one straw away from breaking the camel's back yourself. Find a kickboxing class IMMEDIATELY!

5. What a Heavy-Duty Case Says About You

The heavy-duty case exudes that kind of raw masculinity that led to things like the Alamo and the harnessing of steam power in days gone by. It says you mean business--whether that business involves fixing a coffee machine or watching your favorite Mission Impossible movie for the hundredth time.

You probably do a lot of core training, and everyone knows this because you pull up your shirt at the drop of a hat. (Whether or not anyone wants to see the six-pack again remains another story.) You like pull-ups, too, and just about anything protruding from a wall is fair game to demonstrate your skills.

You've got that cool, unexcited Lego Batman vibe that says you're all business and no fun... ever. You're serious and manly, and one thing's for sure... That phone of yours will survive whatever apocalyptic nightmare brings our world to an end, and then cockroaches will evolve to use it.

6. What a Wallet Case Says About You

How clever! The convenience of a phone case merged with a wallet.

You'll never have to be accountable for two separate things again. Of course, you're also going to be a basket case   if you ever lose that phone.

For you, cleverness and convenience rule. You've given up on the idea of looking cool... ever.

Because the thing is, that wallet case isn't exactly sending out the most attractive vibe. But neither is your socks-and-sandal ensemble.

Of course, your phone case is a magnet for wannabe pickpockets. So, quit swimming upstream and start dating sticky-fingered criminals.

Whatever you do, keep that phone case close. It's basically a starter kit for those who'd like to hack into your life, which means you need to guard it with your life.

Maybe you should invest in some martial arts lessons to protect that case with--oh, I don't know--pretty much your ENTIRE LIFE in it? Karate lessons will also give you a great excuse to rock your man-bun, so enjoy! This life hack could end up getting you hacked, so handle that wallet case with great care.

What Does Your Galaxy S9 Plus Case Say About You?

What does your Galaxy S9 Plus case say about you? First and foremost, that you don't like broken phones. Second, it depends on which kind of case you rock.

If you're spending hours transfixed by the lava-like flow of glitter through your case, invest in a stress ball as a backup plan. If you're bragging about the resilience of your heavy duty case, you may want to start visiting prepper sites and investing in 50 lbs of dehydrated chili at a time.

Whether your choice of case is all about convenience or an obsessive need to keep your phone close and charged at all times, it's still better than going case-less. I mean, you really have to have an iron grip to pull that off.

Interested in learning more about what your phone case says about you? Check out   our blog  to hone your psychoanalysis skills. Or,   contact us  now, and we'll get you answers about phone cases ASAP.

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