What Your Phone Case Says About You

October 10, 2017

What Your Phone Case Says About You

Your phone is the once accessory you have on you literally all the time and people notice. Here's what your phone case is saying about your personality.

Imagine yourself sitting in a cafe, at a theme park, or shopping at the mall.

What do you always have next to you?

That's right, your cellphone. When we're out in the world our   cellphones never deviate  more than a foot away from us.

We are always conscious of where they are, and other people are very aware what our phones look like.

But what is your phone case saying about you? Read on to learn what message your case is sending to the world about your character and personality.

1) Lifeproof Case

If you have a life-proof extra protective case you've probably been broken too many times and put up walls to keep other people out.

Your past five iPhones have probably cracked and you decided you had enough. You decided to invest in a life proof case and take every opportunity to show it off to others.

You're extremely proud of the extra precaution you've taken to protect your phone. Whenever anyone compliments your phone case you always respond, "oh thanks, it's life proof."  Custom Envy have extra protective cases that are meant to handle those pesky drops.

2) Creditcard Holder Case

If you have a phone case that also has a slot for your credit card you really have your life together. You're the type of person who completes projects way before the deadline.

This type of case means you're never digging through your purse to find your wallet or money when it's time to pay.

You simply flip your phone over, pull out your credit card, and hand it to the cashier.

People around you perceive you as organized and put together.

3) Animal Phone Case

If you have an animal case you're likely an animal lover.

You likely have a picture of your favorite pet dog or cat.

You possibly work in a zoo or at a veterinarians office or animals are an important part of your life.

4) Stickers on Phone Case

If you put stickers on your case it probably means you're a fun person who loves personal expression.

Stickers are a fun way to personalize your phone. However, if you're a business professional you probably don't want to be answering your phone at work with a unicorn sticker on the back.

5) No Phone Case

If you have no phone case you will be perceived as a risk taker.

You probably spend your weekends skydiving or attending BMX biking events.

Having no case on   your phone  is a bold move. Especially when iPhones can crack by just setting them on a table with too much force.

6) The Rechargeable Case

If you have a rechargeable case, you're probably the most responsible one in your group of friends.

You're the friend people always rely on. Whether it's for a ride home or a charge of their cellphone.

You are the type of person who is always up on the recent technological trends.

You got tired of walking around with a phone on 6% all the time and you actually did something about it. Good for you.

7) The Selfie Case

Yes, there is an actual phone case designed specifically to improve your selfie game. This case gives you optimal selfies lighting when you need it in dimly lit places.

If you have this case, you are likely a lover of all selfies. You probably have an Instagram account that's entirely made up of pictures of your face.

You are the type of person who takes selfies with flash in the middle of a haunted house.

Your friends constantly ask to borrow your phone because it gives them amazing selfies.

8) The Plain Black Case

If you have a plain case you're the type of person who prefers functionality to appearance.

You may have a super fun personality and you're just afraid to let it show. Or you're terrible at making decisions so you picked the black one so you wouldn't have to decide between two equally fun and cute phone cases.

9) Custom Phone Case

The year is 2017 and you can pretty much order any type of case you want off the internet.

If you have a custom case it means you like to have things go your way.

You're a cool cat who has very specific tastes. You don't want to have something that everyone else has. You prefer to rock your own individual style.

You love the feeling you get when someone asks where you got your case and you know that it's one of a kind.

So There You Have it...

You've had your case all this time but never knew what it said about you.

We hope this article gave you some insight about what people think of you after seeing your phone case.

They say a picture's worth a thousand words, so a case is worth a million.

Looking to switch up your case and try something new? Check out our large selection of   phone cases here.

Have questions about this article and want to contact us? Please don't hesitate to   ask anything. We are always happy to help!

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