Why Gift Cards Are Always a Great Gift Choice

by Matt Annen February 15, 2019

Why Gift Cards Are Always a Great Gift Choice

Why Gift Cards Are Always a Great Gift Choice

Gift cards are always a great gift choice. Why? Read on to find out what's so great about giving gift cards.

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Are you still undecided on what to give your best friend for her birthday? Do you want to give a welcome gift to a returning relative but don't know which item to buy?

About 60% of Americans claim that they're   good gift-givers. But gift-giving, regardless of the occasion, can sometimes be challenging.

You can easily give a dress to an old cousin for her birthday. But do you know if the dress fits her perfectly?

Interestingly, a 2018 survey said that 54% of Americans prefer to   receive cash or gift cards  for Christmas.

We can't really blame, can we? These cards prove to be a safe option if you don’t want to make a mistake of giving something that doesn’t fit.

If you want to know why gift cards remain to be one of the best gift choices, continue reading below!

The History of Gift Cards

Before we tackle the benefits and advantages of giving gift cards, let's first take a quick look at its history. These cards that usually come in the size of a credit card trace its root back to 1994. They were first sold by Blockbuster Entertainment.

At first, Blockbuster stores didn't display them. It was only when scammers tried to counterfeit Blockbuster’s gift certificates that they decided to showcase the gift cards as replacements. Since then, different companies started offering gift cards to their patrons.

Thankfully, the United States government drafted rules that govern gift cards. These laws cover different aspects such as the expiration dates and the charges that apply, among others.

The Pros

There are many reasons why gift cards make the perfect gift. Let's take a closer look at the benefits and advantages they offer:

1. They Offer Flexibility

If you choose to give a gift card, you're giving the receiver the freedom to buy what they really want.

If your friend loves clothes, go for a gift card coming from her favorite clothing store. If he is a huge coffee drinker, a gift card from Starbucks or his favorite coffee shop will do the trick.

Don’t worry if the receiver doesn't like the gift card. There are a number of websites that buy gift cards online. If they don’t want to sell them, they also have the option to trade them for a card that they want.

With today’s technology, nobody should get stuck with an unwanted gift card.

2. They Are Less Expensive

Instead of buying a gift that comes in a huge box that you will ship to your relative from a different state, sending a gift card will cost you less.

A gift card makes things easier for you in terms of carrying weight. You can simply hide it inside your coat’s inner pocket.

In case you're miles away from your friend or loved one, you can opt to   send these cards online. There are gift cards for sale that you can deliver through email. All you need is their email address then the instructions for redemption will be right on their laptops or mobile phones.

3.  Best Used During Sale

After all the holiday festivities, shops tend to put their unsold items on sale. The same also applies to stores who want to clear their racks from the previous season.

These are the times where people can maximize the value of their gift cards.

With the marked down prices of items, the receiver can extend the value of their gift cards. They can get more items at cheaper prices.

4. They Can Help Manage Budgets

There will be times when people’s budgets become tighter than usual. During these moments, the value of gift cards comes into play.

Your friend or relative can use these cards to help ease the financial burden they're going through.

The Cons

Gift cards, however, are not foolproof. There are certain disadvantages that you should also be aware of:

1. You Can Lose Them Easily

Since gift cards are small, some people tend to lose them easily. If you aren't careful, these cards can slip right outside your pocket. What you can do is to place it inside your wallet alongside your other cards.

2. Small Businesses May Fold

If you purchased a gift card from a local boutique, there is a chance that the shop may fold. Shops that are only starting to build their brand face the risk of closing during the first five years.

If these stores close shop before you get to use their gift cards, they'll be of no value.

3. They May Look Impersonal

Some people tend to look at gift cards as impersonal gift choices. Sure, there is something special about giving something unique and specific to someone as compared to something like a piece of plastic card.

4. The Small Balances

Since gift cards come with a fixed amount, some people fail to maximize the value in their purchases. For example, if the card has a value of $100 and the item is worth $95, the user may opt not to use the remaining $5 balance if he has nothing else to buy.

Important Reminders

Before buying gift cards online or in person, always keep these important things in mind:

  • Pick one without an expiration date
  • Check for hidden fees and charges
  • Can check the card’s balance with ease
  • Register the card for protection in case of loss
  • Pick a card that the receiver will more likely use
  • Opt for gift cards online if you are too busy

Even if there are some disadvantages, the benefits of using gift cards still make them very useful.

Explore Other Excellent Gift Options, Today!

At the end of the day, gift cards are still excellent gift options. They give enough freedom and flexibility that are essential in today’s fast-paced world.

In case you're looking for something different, there are other gift options that you may also want to consider. We offer a broad range of options that include mugs, tumblers, and custom phone cases, to name a few.

If you wish to learn more about the best gifts for different occasions, check out   more on our blog. We're more than happy to guide you toward that perfect gift for your friends and loved ones.

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