Why Monograms are the Fashionable Accessory of the Year

February 21, 2017

Traditionally, a monogram consisted of only one or two of your initials, and was embroidered onto clothing, sheets, and towels. These personalized items lent a certain distinction to a person’s life, as not everyone could afford to personalize their possessions. Last year, this trend gathered pace again, and everyone can have their monograms printed onto their iPhone or Galaxy phone cases.

Today’s monograms are often printed with a decorative design, and they can tell a lot about you. There are many reasons why monograms will be the fashionable accessory of the year.

Gives Prestige to Your Phone

When the first iPhone or Galaxy was released you could impress your friends by just owning one. But now that everyone has one, you need to take it one step further. A monogrammed case is not something everyone has.

A personalized case will identify a phone as being yours. Often at a party people will place their phones on the table, and over time they can become mixed up. You certainly don’t want anyone to accidentally run off with your phone, so when it’s sporting a personalized phone case, no one is going to grab it by accident. Also, if you leave it behind, a friend will know it belongs to you by its initials.

A Fashionable Phone Accessory Each Day of the Week

Just like you wear different clothes each day, you can also swap out your iPhone or Galaxy case for a different one. And even though you can have a monogram done on each phone case, each case can be as unique and individual as you want.

You can order as many monogrammed cases as you’d like. Some people even go so far as to collect them, or store them onto shelves. If you choose to order your personalized cases from Put a Case On Me, you’ll have dozens of different options, or better yet, you’ll have the ability customize a phone case. These cases can also be easily snapped on or off your phone so you can easily change it according to your mood.

No More Boring Phone Cases

It seems like there are dozens of phone booths at the malls where you can purchase a phone case. Some of them are cheap and won’t last more than a few weeks, while other phone cases can be expensive, even though they’re not very special. Either way, you may have browsed through these collections, never really finding one to suit you.

You may even have gone with a dreary color, just because you desperately needed a protective phone case. But now that there are sites like Put a Case On Me, you’ll never be stuck on finding a phone case again. If you don’t like what you see, you can simply customize one of the phone cases on the site, or create an entirely new one from your own photographs and ideas.

It’s still the beginning of a new year so get ahead of fashion and customize your own iPhone or Galaxy case right now!

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