Component - Design FAQ

Yes! If you feel more comfortable using your favorite design software (photoshop, etc.) you can do so. Just use the pixel dimensions below depending on your desired case (300 DPI). Once you have finished designing just select the photo case option and upload your design.

iPhone 4 / 4S Slim - 1032x1542

iPhone 4 / 4S Tough Bumper - 1032x1610

iPhone 5 / 5S Slim - 1032x1610

iPhone 5 / 5S Tough Bumper - 1086x1736

iPhone 6 Slim - 1086x1736

iPhone 6 Tough Bumper - 1182x1896

iPhone 6 Plus Slim - 1335x2132

iPhone 6 Plus Tough Bumper 1335x2132

Galaxy S4 Slim - 1086x1736

Galaxy S4 Tough Bumper - 1086x1736

Galaxy S5 Slim - 1182x1896

Galaxy S5 Tough Bumper - 1182x1896

We are always adding new designs. Can't find what you are looking for? Just contact us and we would be happy to design you a case!

Help Me Decide

Extra Protective

Two-piece design that features rubber liner for shock protection. Outer shell is ultra durable premium plastic. Learn More - See Photo & Video

Clear Extra Protective

One-piece design that features rubber sides and hard plastic back. Case is clear allowing your phone colors to show. Learn More - See Photo & Video


Single piece design made out of durable premium plastic. Learn More - See Photo & Video

Wallet Folio

Protective and Stylish faux leather with room to hold cash, ID and credit cards. Includes clear protective case insert. VIDEO COMING SOON