5 Reasons to buy a Custom Phone Case

December 22, 2016

Do you remember the first time you purchased a smart phone? It was so exciting having this cool bit of technology in your hand—and very expensive! But then you discovered that no matter how sleek and shiny it was, it too easily slipped out of your hands and dropped on the ground. That’s when you caved in and purchased your first smart phone case.

Smart phone cases are an exciting way to protect your smart phone but still allow you to display your personality. The first set of smart phone cases on the market came out around 2007, when Apple and other manufacturers began mass-marketing their phones. Even though the phones were sleek and elegant, they had a design flaw: they could easily slip out of your hands. While most cases can withstand many drops, we still see our friends with cracked phone screens. We certainly don’t want to be one of them.
Phone Case
“Did you know you can purchase a smart phone cover that looks like a exploded Galaxy Note 7? No one will be stealing that!”.
Source: Mashable.com

The first smart phone cases were dull and bulky. Then someone had the bright idea of making them colorful, and adding graphics and pictures to them.

Did you just grab the first phone case off the booth at the mall, or did you carefully make your choices based on your favorite colors? Perhaps your case design has abstract graphics, or pictures of nature or animals? It may even be geeky or musical. Your choices in your phone case purchases can say a lot about you.

Often phone cases can be a reflection of your:
  • Work
  • Hobbies
  • Interests
  • Family 
  • Sense of Humor
Or, nothing at all. You may simply have grabbed a random case off the shelf and purchased it. But that still says something about you: you want to get the job done as quickly as possible.

Today’s smart phone cases are a lot like t-shirts. You can’t have just one.

Often many people have a different phone case for each day of the week. And since phone cases ultimately protect your phone, they do need to be replaced after they become chipped, cracked, or broken. But that’s a whole lot better than having to replace your $800 smart phone! Smart phone users can display their creativity and individuality with their own custom phone cases.

There are two main types of smart phone cases that we offer at Put a Case on Me:

Extra Protective Tough Bumper Cases

The tough bumper cases are made from a rubber frame liner and have a hard glossy outer shell that provides you with maximum breakage protection.

Tough Bumper Cases

Clear Extra Protective Bumper Case

The clear tough bumper case is a one piece design that features a rubber TPU frame with a hard plastic back. This offers max protection on drops.

Clear Bumper Cases

Slim Snap Cases

The snap cases simply snap onto your phone. They are usually made of a single piece of extra durable plastic.

Snap Cases

I Can’t Decide! How Do I Choose What to Order?

You would think that smart phone cases would be of limited design with their rectangular shape and rounded corners, yet there are many possibilities within that small canvas. Many people are faced with hundreds of options at the local phone case booth or in online shops. It can be overwhelming, even if you pick your top seven choices; one for each day of the week.

Your best option is to order a custom designed phone case. These cases can be as simple or complex as you wish. You have a few options to choose from:

  • Upload your favorite photograph.
  • Choose from one of Put a Case On Me’s monogram cases.
  • Add your name to any one of our cases.
  • Design your own art in your software program and upload it.
  • Contact one of our artists who can design something amazing for you. 
  • What Types of Phones Are Supported?

We support several of the most popular smart phones on the market today. If you don’t see your smart phone on this list, please contact us and we can see about designing a case for you.

  • Apple iPhone 4 to the most current iPhone 7 Plus
  • Blackberry
  • Huawei
  • LG
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 to the most current Galaxy S7 Edge
  • Google Pixel

5 Great Reasons Why You Need Your Own Custom Designed Phone Case

There are many great reasons why you should order your own custom designed phone case, instead of just choosing any old case off the shelf.

The five top reasons are:

  1. Personalized
  2. Photos
  3. Protection
  4. Uniqueness
  5. Fashionable

Conveniently, these 5 reasons are also why you should choose Put a Case On Me to make your customized phone cases!

We’ll examine these five reasons a bit more closely in the following pages. You’ll also gain some ideas of how to use your new phone cases to your advantage, and you may even pick up an idea or two along the way.

1. Create Personalized Phone Cases with Your Name or Monogram

Having the ability to personalize your own phone case makes your phone extra special. These personalized phone cases make great gifts. All it takes is a small amount of detective work on your part to find out what type of phone your loved ones have. You can then choose cases on our site, add your friend’s name or monogram, and you’re done!

No other person in the world will have a phone case exactly like yours, particularly if you personalize your own phone case. If you need ideas, you can upload a photograph along with a saying, or a name. There are also options to add monograms, which are your first, middle, and last name initials. You also have the option to add dates, so when your friends got married on a certain date, you can have their wedding photograph on the phone case, along with their wedding date along the bottom. If you have snapshots from a birthday party, you can have phone cases made up with the group photo, and then have the date printed on the bottom. This is a great way to make quick and easy gifts for everyone.

Here are five great personalized phone case options to help you with your choices, from monogrammed, to your full name.

A. Love Personalized Photo iPhone 7 Clear Extra Protective Bumper Case.

This is a simple choice for when you’re not a designer. All you have to do is upload a full color image of your loved one. The “Love” saying is already there on the front bottom, but you can always edit it if you wish. This is a great option for adding your children’s photos or a pic of your entire family. you can even change the color of the “Love” so that the colors coordinate with the colors in your portrait photograph.

B. Gold Speck Monogram iPhone 7 Extra Protective Bumper Case

If you simply want your name and first initial on a phone case but you don’t actually want to design the entire thing, there is the Gold Speck Monogram iPhone case that will make you feel like you’re worth a million bucks. Monogramming can also add class and elegance to your phone cover. This type of case can also give you the confidence you need to succeed at work. There is that old saying, “fake it before you make it!” Your colleagues will think that you spent far more money on your monogrammed case than you really did!

C. Flower Chevron Monogram iPhone 7 Extra Protective Bumper Case.

There are also phone cases where you can simply add your three initials. This phone case has a lovely floral and abstract background, but still allows for a circular space where your initials can be added, which will make it all your own. Monograms have a way of telling the world how special you really are, as not everyone has one printed on their belongings. They’re kind of like monogrammed towels, but better.

D. Personalized Floral Stripe Watercolor iPhone 7 Extra Protective Bumper Case

Some people would rather have their first or full name on their smart phone case. It can also be helpful for when you’re at school, or at a party, to be able to distinguish your phone from others. Or, if you’ve left it behind, a friend can see that you forgot your phone and can return it to you. The Floral Stripe Watercolor Case has a spot where your name can be written out in a script typeface which matches the colors of the flower.

There is also that dark side to owning a smart phone—people steal them! But if your phone is personalized, there is less likelihood that someone will want to steal it.

E. Social Media Star Personalized iPhone 7 Clear Extra Protective Bumper Case.

This is a fun case that takes personalization to a whole new level. You can actually promote your social media account on your phone case. People will see your phone on the table and may want to check you out on social media. Once you get beyond the initial cost of the phone case, it’s a lot like free advertising. You can also add a website, or any other type of script of your choosing.

Small businesses can also benefit from this type of promotion with a name, logo, address, phone number, or website URL. Just do your best to keep it simple and try not to cram all that information onto the back of your phone at once.

Monogram Phone Cases
2. Use Your Own Phone Case Photos

Who doesn’t love a great photograph? If you enjoy taking photos you can have an entirely new way of displaying them on phone covers, instead of leaving them in your phone or on your computer’s hard drive where no one ever sees them. Did you know that it can also be more affordable to have your photos printed onto customizable phone covers, than printed out at the photo processing center in an 8x10? And making your own cases can also be a great way to give unique gifts to your friends and family.

A. Show Off Your Cute Pet.

Do you love showing people pictures of your dogs or cats? What better way than with a customizable product. You can see how cute these cases are. You can choose to add your pet’s name, a saying, or to simply have only the photo on it. One nice thing about pet photos is that we can have our pets with us at any time, even when they can’t really be there in person. Anytime you’re feeling sad or lonely when you’re at work, you can look down at your phone and see your pet. It’s sure to bring a smile to your face!

B. Vacation Bragging Rights.

You can also use that same template above for bragging rights on your favorite shot from your last vacation. You can upload pics of that beach where you spent a lot of time, or a forest, mountains, hotel, or castle. You can impress your coworkers, making them envious of your travel photos. You’ll also have a nice reminder of your special vacation every time you glance down at your phone, especially when times get really stressful at work. It’ll almost be like being in Hawaii, Fiji, Disneyland, or all the other places you visited, even when you’re just stuck at your work desk.

C. Design Your Own Custom Phone Case Tips.

Now that you’re sold on the idea of uploading your own photographs to have them made into cases, what exactly are the best types of photos to use? Here are a few tips so you can have the best looking protective case.

  • Upload at least 300 dpi resolution.
  • If you are working from a digital camera image, you may wish to downsize to 300 dpi, otherwise photo upload times may be long.
  • View the FAQ on the site for the exact dimensions for each make and model of phone.
  • Full color, duotone, and black and white photos are allowed. Phone covers can look even more unique with a vintage look. 
  • View your image for clarity. Remember that if there are problems in your image that they won’t be any better once they’re printed on the case.
  • Are there any dark areas in the photo that may not print well?
  • Is there any glare in the photo that may not print well?
  • You can adjust lighting and colors as required.
  • Do crop images to get better closeups of people’s heads, or to remove boring backgrounds. 
  • Don’t have more than three or four photos on your case. You want to be able to enjoy the images, not squint at them. 
  • Photo edit out any subjects or objects that you don’t want to be printed.
  • If you want to add a name, saying, or monogram, consider this when you are doing your cropping. These words should not block someone’s face. 

Remember that there is limited space for your subject on a case. You can still add decorations and graphics when you are editing the photos in Put a Case On Me. So, don’t be worried if you feel your photo isn’t quite ready when you are editing it in Photoshop. You can put the finishing touches on it on the Customizations page on Put a Case on Me.

3. Provides Excellent Protection

Even though a custom phone case can look decorative, it can also be functional. A phone case that has been made well will be able to protect the smart phone from damage. Often it can be too easy to drop a smart phone, so when that happens, the protective case will simply bounce and nothing will happen to the phone inside.

Many people choose to not use a protective cover and this can be a bad choice. Most likely you spent hundreds of dollars on your device. Or, you will be spending hundreds of dollars on that monthly contract for two years that you signed up for, so you could get your phone for free. Do you really want to risk your investment?

Phone insurance for accidental damage can be costly. If something happens to your phone, often Apple or Samsung won’t cover the damage, as the warranty and guarantees are only on manufacturer’s defects, and not accidental or intentional damage.

The tough bumper case will provide that additional layer of protection, so if you’re a person who uses their smart phone a lot, particularly while jogging or cycling, a more durable type of case may be best for you.

How Phones Can Be Damaged

There are many ways that phones can be damaged. You can drop them on the ground, causing something inside to break, which can make them stop working. Phones may be susceptible to moisture, which can seep in through the buttons or the microphone port. While the moisture won’t stop the phone from working, it can certainly damage these functions, so you may not be able to turn your phone on, shut it off, or listen to music or sound through your ear buds.

Many people use their phones outdoors, but can live in climates that suffer from a lot of humidity and rain. Or, you could slip and drop your phone on ice or snow. It would provide security and confidence in knowing that you have protected your phone from all of these inclement weather conditions.

Phone screens can also be sensitive to drops. While most are built with a tough durable plastic and glass combination, such as the Corning glass in an iPhone, if they are dropped, the phone’s screen can splinter into many pieces. In many cases this makes them completely non-functional, as their touch screen feature is part of what makes them work. And even if they do still work, you can scratch your fingers or hands on the splintered edges of glass.

Phone backs can also be susceptible to scratches, even though they’re often made with some tough type of metal such as aluminum. Over time, the back can develop these scratches and look shabby. If you place a phone case on it, your phone will be protected from surfaces when you put it down. This is also beneficial if you’re one who likes to rest their phone on concrete or other scratchy surfaces in the park.

And if you’re one of those people who throws their phone when you get angry, you may have lost a few phones to your anger. This is why it makes sense to make your own phone case so you can get a protective cover on it.

Here are a few examples to help you get started:

A. Ohio Home Photo iPhone 7 Clear Extra Protective Bumper Case.

The clear plastic case is a popular option. This Ohio Home Photo Case still has a spot for four photos on the back, and an inspiring word such as “HOME”, but it has a clear plastic frame. This allows you to see some of your phone, as it looks cool, and many people don’t like to cover up that cool look of their iPhone or Galaxy. This case has an opaque black background, so your photos will be bright and stand out. It also has a protective bumper surrounding it.

If you drop your phone it’ll do a little bounce but still be perfectly safe.

B. Work Hard Stay Humble iPhone 7 Clear Extra Protective Bumper Case.

This is another case made with the same protective bumper and clear plastic materials. It’s for people who don’t want photos on their case, but they still want an inspirational saying, such as “Work Hard Stay Humble”.

This case has been made in the USA. It’s a top rated case with extreme durability.

C. Football Emoji Tailgating is a Sport iPhone 7 Clear Extra Protective Bumper Case.

If you enjoy sports, but not playing them, this Football Emoji phone case will provide a bit of fun to your day. “Tailgating is a Sport” it says. This is a great case for someone who has a sense of humor. You can also customize this case so if you don’t like the graphic or the saying that you can switch it out for some other sports theme such as baseball, and make the idea your own.

4. Custom Cases Provide Uniqueness.

We have a vast collection of designs, but they may not be for everyone. This is why custom phone cases can be a great option for you to buy. You can have anything you want on your phone. Imagine how unique it is to have a phone case that no one else does! Everyone will be asking where you found your phone case. They’ll be impressed when they find out that you used your own photographs, and that they could be custom printed onto a phone cover.

Most people start out by shopping our most population collections, then move onto the other collections. We have a section for animals and pets, fashion and travel, quotes and memes, mandala, monograms, and personalizations. Even if you choose one of the designated themes, you can still add your name, a saying, or a monogram to make it unique.

Here are a few ways that you can make your phone case look unique.

A. Put a Pet On It! Your Pet Portrait Photo Clear Case for iPhone and Galaxy

Not every pet looks alike. You can have a photograph of your pet added to the Your Pet Portrait Photo Clear Case. What’s so neat about this product is that your pet’s head will be displayed against a peach background. All you have to do is upload your pet’s photo. If you don’t like the peach color, it can easily be changed to another color.

You don’t have to worry about cropping the photo, or tracing out your dog’s head (or your cat’s head!). We will do that for you. This has the benefit of making your pet’s head pop out. Once you have ordered your first pet case you’ll want to make many others with your pets in different poses.

B. Unique Stock Designs. White Mandala Personalized iPhone 7 Clear Extra Protective Bumper Case.

Some people love the idea of making their custom phone case from scratch. Others are happy with having their name on a phone case that already has a great pattern on it. The White Mandala Personalized Protective Bumper Case has a beautiful drawing of a patterned floral mandala on it. Just above this you can have your name written out in script.

Adding your name to the case makes it yours. See, you can still be unique even if you don’t want to go to the effort of designing a case from scratch!

C. Hundreds of Designs! Colorful Mandala iPhone 7 Clear Extra Protective Bumper Case.

Just look at how beautiful this phone case is. Mandalas are in this year and it’s no surprise, as they can brighten up your day. You can customize this case, or simply leave it as is. By the way, you won’t find this design or any of the other ones on our site anywhere else. Put A Case On It has designed this case and the others on the site for uniqueness in mind.
Photo Phone Cases

5. Be Fashionable.

Phone cases needn’t be boring or ugly. When phone cases were first invented, they were usually black or brown, and were made from extremely bulky materials. Fortunately, today there are many attractive and fashionable phone case options. At Put A Case On Me, we have several fashionable choices. Imaging having all the latest designer looks! A person can still look trendy, even if they’re carrying a geeky device all day long.
Here are four of the top fashionable phone cases for the season. And always remember that you can add your name or monogram to them, or simply create your own fashionable case from scratch.

A. Lipstick Hearts Personalized iPhone 7 Clear Extra Protective Bumper Case.

The Lipstick Hearts Personalized Case is adorable. This is for the young woman who loves to wear makeup and fashionable designer clothes. It can be personalized with your name at the very bottom of the case. This case has an opaque background, so you can still see part of the back of your phone. Many people like to show off the fact that they have an iPhone, so you’ll still be able to see their prestigious logo shine through.

B. Custom Lips Personalized iPhone 7 Clear Extra Protective Bumper Case.

The Custom Lips Personalized iPhone Case is a fun way to show your love of lips and lipstick. The lips are wearing red and pink lipstick. You can have your name printed on this case in a vertical orientation. This is definitely a fun way to personalize your case.

C. Custom Travel Lover Monogram iPhone 7 Clear Extra Protective Bumper Case.

Do you love to shop at all the fashionable places around the world? Paris? New York? Rome? London? Madrid? This Custom Travel Lover Monogram phone case is covered with travel icons from around the world: cameras, luggage, birds, bicycles, hearts, lips, flowers, and footprints. This case can also be personalized with a circular first and last initial monogram at the bottom of the case.

D. Fashionable Cute High Heels Personalized iPhone 7 Clear Extra Protective Bumper Case.

Do you love shoes? The Fashionable but cute High Heels Personalized phone case will tell the world how much you love shoes. There are several pairs of colorful high heels printed all over this case, against a pink background. You can have your name written along the bottom in a horizontal print.

How to Order a Custom Designed Phone Case From Us

Are you excited to get started on ordering your very own custom designed phone case? We do our best to make it simple for you. Follow these simple steps and soon your order will be on the way.

  1. Choose CUSTOM CASES from the menu. 
  2. Select your type of Phone. The list includes options for Apple, Blackberry, LG, Samsung, Sony, and Huawei. 
  3. Choose your phone’s model number. For example, iPhone 4, 5, etc.
  4. Choose your type of phone case. You have a choice of Slim: which is lightweight and portable, or, Extra Protective Bumper: with an impact resistant bumper.
  5. Choose Glossy or Matte texture. Glossy has a shiny and smooth texture, while Matte has a soft and sophisticated texture.
  6. Choose your layout. If you plan on having more than one photograph, you’ll want to choose a layout with designated photo placements. 
  7. Add your photographs and patterns.
  8. Add your text, including names, dates, monograms, or sayings.
  9. Add any final decorations. These can include lines, characters, or clipart.
  10. Save and continue, to review your order.
  11. Make changes, then place your order.
  12. But wait, before you finish, review our handy checklist below to ensure that you haven’t forgotten anything

A Checklist to Help You to Prepare Your Custom Phone Case Order

It may seem like a lot of extra work to order your custom designed phone case, but we make it as simple as we can for you. And if you ever get stuck, you can ask for help at anytime from the “Live Chat” feature. You can even send us your photos and we’ll put together your design for you.

  • Is your graphic set to 300 dpi if you are uploading your own photos?
  • Have you followed the measurement requirements for each phone case from the FAQ page? ie. 1032x1542 for an iPhone 4. 
  • Remember to only downsize a graphic, not up, otherwise it could be fuzzy and pixellated during final phone case printing.
  • Have you double and tripled checked the spelling of letters in monograms, names, dates, or other text?
  • Have you ordered the correct-sized brand and model number of case for your phone?
  • Do you want to order only one, or do you want to add extra phone cases for friends and family? Check with them on what types they have.
  • Have you added any additional patterns or decorations that you wanted?
  • Have you included your correct address for shipping?
  • Ask a friend to review your order before you click on Place An Order.
  • Have you remembered to place your order and not abandoned your shopping cart?
Are Your Ready to Order Your Custom Phone Case Now?

If you haven’t already ordered your custom phone case, what are you waiting for? Remember all the great benefits that we discussed above about smart phone cases:

1. Personalized
2. Photos
3. Protection
4. Uniqueness
5. Fashionable

You can simply order one of the stock image phone cases and add your own name, monogram or saying, or you can have your own 100% custom designed-by-you phone case. And remember that Put a Case On Me customer support is always around to help you out if you get stuck, or want them to design something for you.

Put A Case On Me is your best choice out of the dozens of other phone case manufacturers because of many reasons. Here are just a few:

  • Unique cases not found anywhere else.
  • Simple navigable website. 
  • Affordable customization and personalization options.
  • Affordable and reliable shipping.
  • A high-quality smart phone case that is both durable and dependable.
  • We support six manufacturers of smart phones and if you contact us, we can custom make one for any type. 
  • Simple to use phone case editor to create your unique phone case. 
  • Friendly customer support that doesn’t disappear after a sale. 
  • Trusted and dependable company.

Your friends will be envious when they see the beautiful photographs and cool graphics and personalization on your smart phone case. Most people will think you spent more money than you did, but that can be your own little secret, because now you know exactly what to buy for them for Christmas/Holiday/Birthday!

Help Me Decide

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Clear Extra Protective

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Single piece design made out of durable premium plastic. Learn More - See Photo & Video

Wallet Folio

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