Custom Spiral Notebooks

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6" x 8" durable printed cover. Interior back document pocket. 118 ruled line single pages. Black back cover.

The 15oz custom photo mug is designed with a large, easy to hold handle. Custom Envy coffee mugs are easy to carry and store safely. Dishwasher and Microwave safe. Printing process produces high quality finish that won't scratch, peel or fade away over time.

The 11oz custom photo mug is designed with a large, easy to hold handle. Custom Envy coffee mugs are easy to carry and store safely. Dishwasher and Microwave safe. Printing process produces high quality finish that won't scratch, peel or fade away over time.

Custom Spiral Notebooks

Sold out

About Our Custom Notebooks

Premium Quality - 6" x 8" durable printed cover. Interior back document pocket. 118 ruled line single pages. Black back cover.

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Custom Spiral Notebooks

Is there anything that says personalized better than a gorgeous custom design? We sure don’t think so! When you have a personalized object on you, it turns heads left and right, starts conversations with people you never thought would talk to you, and just generally puts you in the spotlight -- which is exactly where you belong, of course! That’s why anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd, or who wants to celebrate a particularly loved friend or family member, turns to selecting a personalized item like a custom spiral notebook.

Let’s face it: Paper products like custom spiral notebooks fit the bill time after time when it comes to gifts. Do you have an aspiring fiction author or poet in your life? You can easily encourage their creativity if you order them a custom spiral bound notebook in the styles and colors they prefer. Looking to please the most important person in your life (yourself)? Order custom spiral bound notebooks for your own needs so you can keep track of the plot points for your very own Great American Novel. Not exactly the most creative type but still want to stand out against a tide of conformity and bland work or school environments? Reach for a product that has plenty of paper for taking notes and a gorgeous custom-printed image, logo, or other unique design in the perfect colors. That’ll show others just how unique you can be.

Whether they’re for you or for someone else, it’s abundantly clear that custom spiral notebooks are a fantastic way to show your creativity or support someone else’s. Good thing that here at Custom Envy we’re the best place to order custom spiral notebooks from, as we know everything there is when it comes to customized notebooks, custom notebook printing, and anything else under the sun, all available in a rainbow of colors and designs. It’s our absolute pleasure to help show you how to get exactly what it is you need when it comes to finding personalized custom spiral notebooks or other customized gifts of all shapes and sizes for yourself or for your loved ones. In fact, we take the pain and suffering out of the entire process. Order a custom product from us and we’ll make the whole process fun and easy so you don’t have to fret. Let’s get started on exploring the wonderful world of printing custom spiral notebooks!

Photo Notebook

How to Customize Spiral Notebooks

It doesn’t much matter if you’re on the hunt for a notebook to keep your thoughts organized at school or at work or if you’re looking for a paper product to give you a place to jot down all your incredible emotional ideas from front cover to back cover. We’ve got everything you’re looking here, no matter what designs or colors you want to incorporate into your design. Our custom notebook products are varied, which ensures that you’ll find the perfect custom notebook. Here’s a short list of the process involved when it comes time to order your custom items:

First, select a style. We have two notebook types from which to choose:

  • a 6 x 8 softcover journal with a black metal spiral notebook-style spine, a custom print front cover with a document pocket on the interior and a plain black back cover. 110 ruled pages of 90 grams per square meter weight paper round out this option, high above the average for normal journal paper pages. Meanwhile, we make use of some of the most advanced print technology to create these spiral-bound notebooks.
  • a 5 x 7 semi-gloss laminate hardcover journal with full wraparound print on the cover, a flexible casewrap binding, and 128 ruled individual pages. The paper pages are a high-quality 90 (gsm), also well above the 80 gsm paper weight you’d see in normal journal paper pages. Once again, all our custom printing for every order, whether it’s for spiral notebooks or laminate hardcover notebooks, is made through exclusive use of our advanced print technology.


Choosing between notebooks is really just personal choice. Spiral notebooks offer some wonderful aesthetics, but there are some limitations when it comes to other types or notebooks. When you compare it to the 5 x 7 hardcover customisable notebook, our 6 x 8 spiral notebook is larger but has a slightly smaller paper page The back cover is not customizable, as it’s simply solid black, but the inclusion of a document pocket on the inside of the front cover certainly makes up for the lack of customization on the back cover. Regardless of the back cover, the front is indeed fully customizable, capable fo taking any colors and designs that you can envision! Finally, custom spiral notebooks are often a little less durable than a hardcover design, but they’re certainly less expensive to customize and order!

Meanwhile, the smaller hardbound notebook is a bit less affordable option, primarily because you have several more paper pages and because its wraparound hard cover can be customized front and back. You do have to give up the spiral bound spine, which means it’s also harder to open this style of notebook flat, but you can use a full-bleed design or have colors and text wrap from the front to the back flawlessly.

When it comes right down to it, which of our custom products you decide to order is completely dependent on what you’re looking for and how much you’re willing to spend on these paper products. If you’re looking for a product with as many pages as possible, one that’s quite durable indeed, or if you’re looking to get something slightly more compact to save space, a hardcover notebook will certainly please you quite nicely. Meanwhile, our spiral journals are more much affordable, which allows you to save much more money in the long run. At the same time, they still feature customization in a full range of colors and designs even without the wraparound cover, and are more use-flexible in that you can lay them flat. Yes, they might have fewer pages overall, but each paper page is made from larger paper to begin with.

Next, select your custom design or image.This is, without a doubt, the most fun part of the entire process. Thanks to Custom Envy’s highly advanced and powerful design tool, it’s an absolute snap to choose the colors and designs for our products. Whether you choose the spiral bound notebook or the larger 6 x 8 size hardcover notebook, you’ll have countless opportunities to choose your favorite colors, add in specifically chosen words and text, create striking monograms, upload personal photographs and other images, and add a huge plethora of of different additional options for personalizing custom notebooks in all colors that are sure to please. If you can dream it, we can help make it happen!

Finally, relax and let us work our magic. You’ve done your bit by choosing styles and colors, so now it’s time to add our magic into the mix and save the day! We’ll finalize your order, save your design, make your spiral bound notebooks, and ship your brand new custom notebook within 1 to 5 business days. We’ll send tracking information directly to your email address so you can keep an eye on your shipment, which typically arrives in 1-4 days through USPS First Class.

We take customer satisfaction seriously. If you’re not completely satisfied with your order, please contact us through our email address so we can make it right. Are the colors wrong? Did we use the wrong graphic or add some text incorrectly? Whatever the issue with your items, we’re dedicated to either refunding you completely or sending you a new item on us. That’s the Creative Envy guarantee, and we stand by it 100 percent on every last one of our items. We’ll be happy to refund or replace your order for the right products, guaranteed!

Add Your Own Content With Style and Grace


Whether you’ll be the one filling those pages of your notebook or if you’re offering it as a present to someone you love, customized notebooks are unforgettable gifts that will be a constant treasure for years or even decades as you show your true colors to the world around you. Graduating high school or college seniors, friends and family members about to embark on a long sightseeing vacation, or even anyone who would like a unique way to keep a picture of their family or friends close to them while at work or school, everyone loves a nice custom gift. Use our design tool to pick your perfect colors, order your new perfect product directly from us, and keep an eye on your email address for your tracking information, and you’ll see how happy we’ll be to show you the way. We’ll have you ready to fill those paper pages with important notes, flowing lyrical passages of poetry, or anything else you can desire.

Always turn to Custom Envy when you want anything with custom colors and images. We’re not just notebooks! We have the widest selection of all sorts of wonderful objects ranging from blankets, towels, and custom canvases to drink tumblers, mugs, and mobile phone covers, just to name a few. Contact us today and see how we can make your dreams a reality!

Ruled Paper

Ruled Paper (118 pages)

Why Custom Envy?

At Custom Envy our difference is in the detail. We print using the most advanced printing methods in our industry that allows us to provide you with amazing quality every single time.

Picture Notebook

Custom is What We Do

You have complete control of the personalization on your notebook. That means control the size, color, font and location of where the text is on the notebook. When we say fully customized we mean it!

Pet on Notebook

Pre-Made Designer Options

Don't feel like designing from scratch? No worries, we have a full collection of designer notebooks that allow you to choose a template that you like and make as many or as little changes to it as you want.

Photo Spiral Notebook

Stylish & Functional

Everyone wants their notebook to look good, but they also need it to be functional. Our journals are designed to not fade or wear over time.

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Product Details

Our notebooks are printed to order in the USA. Notebooks can be cleaned with a dry cloth.

Care Instructions: Wipe gently with a dry cloth.