How to Choose a Case for Your Samsung Galaxy S9

February 11, 2018

Custom Galaxy S9 Cases
How to Choose a Case for Your Samsung Galaxy S9

How to Choose a Case for Your Samsung Galaxy S9

How to Choose a Case for Your Samsung Galaxy S9

If you're planning to buy a Samsung Galaxy S9, you should also be thinking about how to protect it. Follow our tips to choose the best case for your S9.

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Smartphones have become everybody's sidekick these days. In fact, 84% of people say they can't live without their phone for even one day.

Smartphone dependency has become very prevalent in recent years. There's even a name now for the fear of being without your smartphone. They call it nomophobia.

People can be without their smartphone for all sorts of reasons. They might leave it somewhere, or it could fall out of their pocket or purse. Worse, they could spill a glass of water on it, or drop it in the toilet. They could even damage it by dropping it on a hard surface by accident.

Android users are in for a treat as the Samsung Galaxy S9 is about to come on the market. If you want to buy this new flagship phone, you should think about how to keep it safe. Here's how to pick out a case.

Types of Cases

You don't want anything damaging your fancy new smartphone. But you shouldn't buy any old smartphone case and call it good.

There are several different types and each serves its own purpose. Let's look at the common ones and you can decide what works best for you.

Basic or Slim

Rumor has it that the new Samsung Galaxy S9 is going to have a snazzy look. It would be a shame to cover it up with a bulky phone case.

In that case, a slim case may be a good option. This type of case will guard against scratches for sure. Make sure it has a little lip around the front that will keep the screen from striking the ground. The case also adds a bit of protection against falls, but don't expect it to work miracles.

These cases even come transparent so you can let the design of your phone shine through. This is good for everyday use if you work in a safe environment, like an office.


Rugged cases are suitable for rougher environments. They use air pockets and reinforced corners to offer top protection to your phone. With many of the rugged designs, you can drop your phone down a flight of stairs and it will come through unscathed.

The tradeoff is usability and size. The touchscreen and buttons are also protected. But covering them up means that they are harder to use.

The case is also larger and bulkier. They also often have a non-slip grip. All of this can make it clunky and uncomfortable for storing in your pocket. Either it doesn't fit at all or it doesn't slide in and out very easy.

Rugged case users often opt for a belt holster for better convenience.

These cases come with an Ingress Protection (IP) rating. This will tell you the case's ability to resist water and dust. Some manufacturers up the ante and use military testing. This tests for temperature and pressure as well as impact and vibration.


A tough case is a nice in-between option. It offers better protection than a slim case but is not so big and bulky as a rugged case.

A common design includes a polycarbonate shell with a soft, shock-absorbent lining. This is often silicone. Many companies get a military drop testing certification. Watch for that to get good protection for your Samsung Galaxy S9.


Folio cases are those that look like a little book. They are great for scratch prevention because they cover all surfaces. But drop protection can vary depending on the design.

Some like to tout them as wallet replacements because they come with credit card slots. In reality, they're not that useful because you can only fit a couple cards. Any more than that and the case will pop open.

There are several different types of closures--magnetic, elastic, tab, or stud. Strength varies so you'll need to decide what is right for your needs.


Battery cases come with an extra battery built-in to the case. This can be handy in a pinch, but the case adds considerable extra bulk. For best results, find one that drains the case battery first so you can take it off when it's done.

Don't expect these cases to offer much drop protection.

Consider Your Needs

Now that you know what your options are, you should consider your needs. Do you work in an office building? The sleek look of a slim case may be perfect and you don't need a ton of protection. But if you are a construction worker, a rugged case might be best to keep your phone safe.

Are you a clumsy person by nature? If you don't trust yourself, a tough or rugged case can give you peace of mind.

Don't Buy a Cheap Knockoff

Whatever you do, don't buy a cheap knockoff off the Internet. Amazon and eBay are full of $1 cases that are not even worth that $1.

You're going to spend several hundred dollars on a new Samsung Galaxy S9. Don't be cheap about keeping it safe or you'll be out a lot more money.

Shop Around

That being said, do shop around. The device or case manufacturer's websites don't often offer the best deal.

You can find excellent cases from third-party vendors for a lot cheaper. Be sure they're the real deal and not knockoffs and you're good to go.

Customize Your Samsung Galaxy S9 Case

We offer strong, solid cases for several smartphone models. They've all been rated to protect against drops and falls. They all come with that little lip around the screen that we mentioned earlier.

The best part about our cases are the customization options. They may protect your phone well but they don't lack any style while doing it.

Choose from any of our fabulous already designed cases. Or customize your case with photos, monograms, and more!

Your imagination is the limit. Visit our site today to design a fabulous case for your new smartphone.

If you need help, don't hesitate to check out our frequently asked questions. But don't worry, ordering from us is easy. Try it now!

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