Monogram Phone Cases

Our Monogram Phone Case collection is one of the all-time favorites at Put a Case on Me. We have a wide selection of monogramming options which includes initials and full name that are perfect for your iPhone including the brand new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Are you a Galaxy owner? No worries, we have you covered too with Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge options.

Our most popular custom monogramming option is the circle design. This design assembles 2 to 3 initials in a circular fashion. You have full control of the size, placement and color of the monogram. This design can be applied for first and last initial as well as first, last and middle. The circle monogram is described as clean and sophisticated and will make your monogram case stand out with a custom look.

Many of our customers start their monogrammed case with a pre-designed pattern that you will see below. From there you can make all the changes necessary to make the perfect monogram phone case. The hundreds of patterns that you have to choose from have the ability to change size and color. You can create a monogram case that fits your exact specifications.

Once you have the perfect pattern picked out for your monogram case you will want to pick your monogram style. As mentioned above we have several options to choose from. Customers opting for text using their full first name or last name love our designs because not only do they have full control over the size and color of the text on their monogram phone case but they have dozens of awesome fonts to choose from. Some customer add multiple monograms to their case to represent members of their family.

Once you have your pattern selected and have applied all the desired monograms to your phone case you have the option to apply decorations. Decorations are a collection of clip arts and designs that can give you monogram case an even more custom look. One of the most popular decorations for a monogram case is the floral options. You can brighten up any case by applying roses and poppies. We also have several animal decorations like pandas, cats, dogs and much more.

As you scroll this Monogram Case Collection you will start to see all the different options that are available. Just remember that everything is customizable. Don't want a Monogram? That is no problem as you can add or remove them from any case. Don't like the color? No worries, you can change any color on the case. At Put a Case on Me you have full control of the customization of your cover. Look no further. We can assure you that you will be able to create the perfect custom monogrammed case.

Did you know that monogramming was first seen in 350BC on coins? They have stood the test of time and have transformed many brands and several products including purses and clothing. Monogrammed Phone cases started to become popular around the time the iPhone came out. The Personalization of products continues to evolve and we believe the monogram is one of the most elegant forms of customization and will be around for many years to come.

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