Custom Phone Case Buying Guide

Tips for purchasing a protective long lasting personalized phone case


With the cost of mobile phones increasing each year it has become more important than ever to protect your phone with a case. One minor drop can result in a broken screen which can cost more than $300 to replace. Internal damage can make your phone unusable and require purchasing a brand new device. If it is an iPhone X that might cost you over $1,000 to replace. The best way to protect your phone is buying a phone case. Phone cases can help keep your phone looking brand new and helps your screen survive those accidental drops.

Since the release of the first iPhone in June of 2007 and the mass adoption of mobile devices, the accessory market has been flooded with cases. You may think that if you toss just any case on your phone you will be protected. However, not all cases are created equal. Case quality varies widely with some providing almost no protection at all. So what makes a good case? What should you look for on your next case purchase? Read on for tips on purchasing your next phone case.

The Lip

One of the most important factors of a quality phone case is the lip. What is the lip? If you were to look down your phone you should see your phone case is raised on the edges from the screen. This is extremely important in protecting your phone on drops. Imagine dropping your phone onto a flat surface. If your screen comes in contact with that surface there is a good chance you are going to have a cracked screen. However, with a lip a drop on that same flat surface will ensure your case takes most of the impact.


The material of your phone case will help determine how well your case will be able to manage drops to your phone. One of the best materials is TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane). TPU is a hybrid material that is a mixture of hard plastic and soft silicone. This type of material is great at absorbing contact and is also easy to slide in and out of your pocket as it is not a sticky rubber. This makes it easy to clean and prevents from pocket lint and purse debree from sticking to the case. Other quality cases are made from Polycarbonate (PC) which is a strong, tough plastic that can withstand drops and bends without cracking or chipping.


Custom Phone Case Buying Guide

What the case protects should be something you pay close attention to. The most protective cases fully cover all sides of the case (top, bottom, left and right). Some may only protect the sides and the top and bottom are exposed. Although these types of cases may protect your device they will not be as effective as those that cover all sides. Some cases are geared more towards the minimalist and presumably someone that doesn't drop their phones often.

If you are prone to an occasional drop you should be shopping for a case that has more coverage.


Although the look has no impact in how effective your case protects your phone, it is an important component when shopping for a phone case. Buying a case at your local retailer means that you probably have the same case as thousands of people. The most attractive look is something custom and unique to you. That could be your favorite colors, monogram, sports team or a photo. A case should be something you are proud to set on your desk and show something that represents you.

Custom Envy offers custom made phone cases that meet all the criteria mentioned above. Our slim and bumper cases have a lip to protect the phone on drops. The tough bumper case is a two-piece case that offers a TPU liner to protect for shock and then a hard PC shell to provide two layers of protection. The bumper case covers all sides of the case and these can be completely customized to make a truly one of a kind design.

When shopping for the perfect phone case look no further than Custom Envy!

Picture on a Case
Cases with Personalization

About our Phone Cases

Our cases are unique and one-of-a-kind. At Custom Envy you are the designer and control exactly how your case will look. This won't be your typical boring case off the shelf. Add photos, patterns and text to create the perfect phone case. Also makes for the perfect gift! Create custom monogram or photo iPhone and Galaxy cases. Customize your own design and upload a photo to make your case truly unique. Monogrammed cases and covers make for a cute personalized case. You can design the case exactly how you want it with your own text, fonts, colors and graphics. Choose a style then add your own monogram or full name personalization text and you will have a one of a kind case. Our covers are protective and will keep your iPhone, iPad and Galaxy safe. Protect your phone device with style and fashion and design your own custom case with pictures of your family, friends or pets. We have collage cases that allow for multiple pictures photo covers. Everything is made in Columbus, OH USA and we have 5 star feedback.

Why Custom Envy?

At Custom Envy our difference is in the detail. We print using the most advanced printing methods in our industry that allows us to provide you with amazing quality every single time.

Custom Envy

Custom is What We Do

You have complete control of the personalization on your case. That means control the size, color, font and location of where the text is on the case. When we say fully customized we mean it!

Designer Options

Pre-Made Designer Options

Don't feel like designing from scratch? No worries, we have a full collection of designer cases that allow you to choose a template that you like and make as many or as little changes to it as you want.

Protective and Stylish

Protective & Stylish

Everyone wants their case to look good, but they also need it to perform when tested against drops or bumps which happen in your active lifestyle. Our cases are durable and meant to handle what life throws at them including those pesky drops on the floor.

Shipping and Delivery

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Product Details

Our phone cases are printed to order in Columbus, Ohio. Our extra protective cases feature a tough bumper that protects your phone when dropped. All of our cases feature a "lip" that will help protect your screen when dropped. On our clear case the entire case is crystal clear which means you can create designs that allow your phones natural beauty to show through. Our standard tough protective case is white in areas where there is no printed design.