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Custom Photo Clock

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Available in natural wood, black and white frames with black or white hands to match your custom design. Wood frame with plexiglass face and includes pre-installed hook. Measures 10". Requires one AA battery (not included).

The 15oz custom photo mug is designed with a large, easy to hold handle. Custom Envy coffee mugs are easy to carry and store safely. Dishwasher and Microwave safe. Printing process produces high quality finish that won't scratch, peel or fade away over time.

The 11oz custom photo mug is designed with a large, easy to hold handle. Custom Envy coffee mugs are easy to carry and store safely. Dishwasher and Microwave safe. Printing process produces high quality finish that won't scratch, peel or fade away over time.

Custom Photo Clock

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About Our Custom Clocks

Premium Quality - 10" clock with natural wood, black and white frames and black or white hands to match your custom design. Wood frame with plexiglass face and includes pre-installed hook. Measures 10". Requires one AA battery (not included).

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Custom Clock

Personalized gifts are all the rage today. Thanks to how easy it is to create custom gift products, now there’s just no excuse if you want to create a unique and timeless gift for friends or loved ones. Custom designs come in all shapes and colors, from mugs and t-shirts to phone cases and more, all of which can be personalized for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, new births or additions to families, or just because, featuring your own chosen text or images to make an absolutely memorable and heartfelt gift or a piece of gorgeous, unique décor.

If you’re really looking for one-of-a-kind, though, forget about all those other options: your best bet is a personalised wall clock. That’s right, a custom clock makes an incredible gift for almost any occasion. A personalised clock with photo added can commemorate just about any milestone, and a custom design will make the gift stand out like no other. Who thought clocks were such a hot custom item and that a clock could do so much more than simply tell you what time it is?

Did You Say Personalized Wall Clock?

Of all the things you can customize, why in the world would you choose a clock? It does seem odd to choose wall clocks as the best gift choice, but there’s a method to this seeming madness of personalizing clock designs. The truth is though that every room can use a clock on the wall. Clocks are ubiquitous but they’re usually overlooked because they’re boring, but clocks don’t have to be. In fact, whether it’s loading your clock up with a particular color or style, the addition of a picture, text, or any other type of style or types of designs to your clock, personalizing a wall clock can change the dynamic of any room, transforming an otherwise utilitarian piece of equipment used to simply tell time into one that is an artistic centerpiece of a clock. And thanks to modern digital printing technologies and design capabilities, it’s never been easier to create a custom clock to your exacting specifications.

The allure of custom-designed items is high to begin with. Designs with custom style elements are unique to begin with, which is why they make such wonderful gifts for the people in your life, especially when it comes to celebrating major milestones or accomplishments -- and it’s a lot more heartfelt and thoughtful than simply sending an email! Yet many times these custom products, no matter how clever their design or how much style they may have, end up hidden away in a kitchen cabinet or a closet somewhere, only brought out on certain occasions. A clock, meanwhile, hanging right on a wall, is in clear sight of everyone and everything all the time, making a clock a much more visible gift. Add a photo, add some personalized text, and you’ve got a clock with enough style that anyone will be proud to hang on the wall!

Multiple frame and clock hand color options

Multiple Clock Options

Dress Up Your Own Home With the Custom Option

A custom clock makes a great gift, it’s true, but there’s no reason you can’t get a custom clock for your own home as well as giving it as a present to a loved one. In fact, you can make an entire room pop with your signature style if you add a personalized custom clock with photo or text to your own décor in ways that you can’t with color, texture, or other design elements on furniture and other household objects alone. That’s because the designs usually associated with wall clocks are so bland and uninteresting, as these items are created to be strictly utilitarian: Boring Clock Company Inc, All Rights Reserved, make their clocks tell you the time and nothing else, devoid of style or substance. Custom clocks, meanwhile, are something else utterly and completely, with style and design to spare that you can’t get in a run-of-the-mill clock.

No longer do your clocks need to be bland and uninteresting. You can design your clock to fit perfectly into the design of the room much easier than you can go hunting for one manufactured by someone else thanks to the fact that style and design are up to you and no one else! No longer do you need to hunt for a clock that just happens to match the colors and themes in your home; instead, simply create a custom clock that ticks all your style boxes right off the bat. Create a design that fits your aesthetic with a custom clock, matching color and style in ways you never thought possible before.

Custom Envy: Creating Custom Designs Since 2012

Here at Custom Envy, we’re no stranger to creating personalized designs with style. At first, we weren’t in the business of clocks or custom clock design -- we began back in 2012, out of a need to create the perfect custom phone case to celebrate a wedding. We couldn’t find anything with an appropriate design or style anywhere, so we decided to create them ourselves! The rest has been history, as we’ve grown from just providing smartphone covers with personalized designs to all sorts of lovely and incredible items. Today, we offer personalized blankets, drink tumblers, mugs, canvases, towels, gift cards, and -- you guessed it -- personalized clocks of all shapes and designs. We’ve got some of the most eclectic, charming, and new designs anywhere, from clocks and beyond. If you can dream it, we can make it happen, whether it’s a clock hanging on your wall, a towel hanging in your bathroom, or a cover for your iPhone hanging out in your pocket.

Order Your Personalized Wall Clocks Today!

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Why Custom Envy?

At Custom Envy our difference is in the detail. We print using the most advanced printing methods in our industry that allows us to provide you with amazing quality every single time.

Photo Clock

Custom is What We Do

You have complete control of the personalization on your clock. That means control the size, color, font and location of where the text is on the clock. When we say fully customized we mean it!

Pet Photo on Clock

Pre-Made Designer Options

Don't feel like designing from scratch? No worries, we have a full collection of designer clocks that allow you to choose a template that you like and make as many or as little changes to it as you want.

Personalized Clock

Stylish & Functional

Everyone wants their clock to look good, but they also need it to be functional. Our clocks are designed to not fade or wear over time.

Shipping and Delivery

Production Time
1 - 4 business days

Arrives in box


Standard USPS First Class with Tracking: 1–4 days – $5.99 or Free on orders $40+

Product Details

Our clocks are printed to order in the USA. Clocks can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Care Instructions: Wipe gently with a damp cloth.

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